The Cyber Monday deal I could not resist. 12 Hours Left to nab It. Save $1000.

The Cyber Monday deal I could not resist.

By Steve Huff

Having owned my MacBook Pro now for nearly 5 years, it is seriously time for an upgrade. I travel 5-8 times per year and always need my laptop with me for work. The model I have now is old, starting to lag and I am just about out of space on my SSD. Sure, I can upgrade it but what I really want and have been wanting is the new MacBook Pro’s with the Touchbar. I passed on them when they were released as at the time, the cost was a bit high for me to just buy a new laptop as I recently, in 2017 bought a Mac Pro. THAT was the best decision I made in a long time as I LOVE it to death, and it has been perfect. Silent, no issues, fast as I need and my video editing workhorse.

But for travel, I knew I had to spend money soon on a new MacBook Pro. Yes, I am a Mac guy and nothing will EVER change that. So to those thinking “Buy a PC”, no, not for me. I have tried many PC’s and for what I do, what I need, they just always seem to give me more issues than I care to deal with. So I am a Mac guy 100%. Apple TV, iPhone, Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, and it goes on and on. When I saw B&H Photo’s MacBook Pro sale, on a late 2016 Touch Bar model (has it been that long already)? I had to jump.

You can see all of the deals on APPLE at B&H at this link HERE. 

But the one that got me was this one, 

$1000 off, 1TB SSD drive, Radio 460, Touch Bar, 15″ model, Space Gray, 2.9 I7…but the $1000 off is what got me. That’s a hefty savings and for travel and work, in a laptop I always try to buy something that will last me for a few years, 4-5 at least. This is a great deal on a wonderful MacBook Pro that many spent $1000 more on just months ago. There is a new 2017 version on sale as well HERE but same processor, smaller SSD drive and an updated graphics card. For the $$, I’ll take the larger SSD.

So there are deals to be had on this Cyber Monday and this apple deal expires on 11/27, TODAY,at MIDNiGHT.



  1. Great deal! I’m in need of a new iMac. My current one is from 2011. Luckily, my work already provides me with a MacBook Pro.

  2. I had the CC out and almost hit the order button on this deal, too! Then I noted my other wanted items and backed away from the desk! *sigh*. Still, B&H got an order for a lens from me. The old iMac will wait for the next upgrade cycle, I guess. 🙂

  3. Good tip Steve, but sadly wont ship to the UK! MacBook prices here are now stratospheric – add another $1500 to this price to buy it in the UK. Bought my first Mac in 1982 and have never had anything else personally, but may have to follow my son and buy a Dell soon…..

  4. Thanks for the tip Steve!
    Your heads up finally nudged me to move on from my 2011 17” Anti-Glare. It is clear that line is dead and I may as well move on.

    Also ordered my wife an upgrade to her 13.3, all through your link. 🙂 Thanks for all the great reviews.

  5. Congrats! I scored, too. Nabbed the similar MacBook Pro 15.4″ with Touch Bar i7 512GB SSD deal for $1899. I had run my 2012 MacBook Air into ground and I think this model, though a year old, will future proof my computing needs for the next 5 years.

  6. That’s a smokin’ deal! I wish I could rationalize a laptop. Any laptop at this point. But I don’t shoot tethered and my colleagues aren’t upgradable at this point in their use cycles.
    I’m still awaiting the iPX. Grrr.

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