PS Audio Sprout Video Review. Full REAL HiFi System for under $1400.

PS Audio Sprout Video Review. Full REAL HiFi System for under $1400.

Hey Guys!

Just posted a video to YouTube where I did a long term review of the PS Audio Sprout integrated amp and recommend a full system from speakers to cables to stands to go with it. An entire system from scratch for under $1400 that will rock your world. See the video below.  You can also see it direct at my YouTube channel HERE. 

The PS Audio Sprout is an all in one integrated amp for $699 that puts out 50 watts into 8 ohms and 100 watts into 4. It has a phone pre amp built in, a nice DAC inside and can accept analog or optical inputs. It also has bluetooth and a bass boost for those who want more oomph.

One of the bet bang for the bucks in HiFi. I have owned mine since 2019 and you will see why I still love and enjoy it today, even when I have a much more expensive system in another dedicated room!

In camera news, I posted a late night talk shot with the Sony FX3 at 12,800.


  1. Hi Steve I go back to buying HiFi back in the late 60’s in High School . I built my own Speakers . Took a class from The Speaker Lab store in Seattle and came home with every thing to make the Speakers Was a Fun project Had them for many years. Gave them to my brother and he has them in his Theater room for watching Movies on his projection system. They must be 50 years old now. I sure like your review on the PS Audio Sprout. It won’t break the bank and comes in a small package to boot. Should get a lot of enjoyment out of the Sprout for sure. I am sending your review to a friend as this will fit his budget. We are both retired with more time to enjoy music. Thank You

  2. I totaly agree. I also have a Sprout and this a magic little amplifier. Truely impressive for the price… I gave it to a very good friend and he was just more than impressed by the sound from this little compare to his old huge box!

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