EverSolo DMP-A6 Streamer and DAC Review. INSANE!

EverSolo DMP-A6 Streamer and DAC Review. Best Buy of 2023. 

By Steve Huff


If you have been eyeballing streamers and noticing the high prices with some of these digital “turntables” then HOLD ON!

My video review of the DMP-A6

The streamer I am going to talk about today is without question, in my honest opinion, the BEST BUY in 2023 for streaming digital music from streaming services or even local files.

What you get for the money here is fantastic. No it is not an end game streamer and no, the DAC here will not blow you away but this little box is an amazing rock solid streamer that performed as well as a Lumin U2 Mini in my system going into my external DAC. So yes, this little guy is a Best Buy because of that and the features it brings that the Lumin DOES NOT have. 

What I mean by “Best Buy” is that I do not think you can find this build, quality of parts or performance form anything else at this price point. In fact I will compare it to some big money streamers in this review and the words I wrote down even surprised me! This is a crazy good buy for anyone looking for a streamer to feed your DAC and a very good buy for those looking for an all in one with DAC.

This graphic is from the EverSolo website and all they say about the A6 here is true. 

This streamer comes in at under $900 yet it offers up a large 6″ touch screen display that can show album art and file details as well as a selection of VU Meters. It houses DUAL ESS Pro DACS and the ability to stream almost any format using the app or even “connect” apps such as Spotify and Tidal.

The DMP-A6 even has a compartment underneath it that allows you to install an SSD drive, so you can stream local music files as well. It seems they have thought of everything in this “affordable” streamer. 

The EverSolo DMP-A6 also features a fully functional app and it’s a good one. Bluesound is known to have a great app but I get along so well with the EverSolo app due to it’s graphical interface. It’s easy to understand and use and has zero lag or issues.

For me, the app experience is better than that from Lumin. Maybe it is just me but I had no issues instantly understanding the app with the A6 and everything was so easy to see and read.

With the A6 we can stream from Tidal or Spotify using “Connect” or you can enter your credentials from Qobuz, Tidal and others to stream in the highest quality. The app is laid out in an easy to understand graphical way. This streamer also does ROON and I was up and running with Roon within 5 minutes of unboxing the A6.

This little box will also fully decode MQA for those of you who are fans of Tidal masters. 

I fired up Roon on my MacBook Pro and streamed from Qobuz and Tidal, using Roon. The sound was glorious and I always find that ROON sounds a bit better than just streaming direct from our phones using the “connect” modes. Even though this is true I still enjoy using connect modes as it easy, and sounds darn good as is. I can do either with this streamer and am not locked into just using Roon like some big money streamers want us to do.

Keep in mind I am using the A6 as a streamer only into a T+A DAC 200 which is a $7200 DAC. The testing of the internal DAC came later. So most of my raves about this piece are talking about it in use as a streamer, bypassing the internal DAC. I do test the internal DAC and share my thoughts later in this review. 

The build of the A6 is quite nice and honestly a stunner for the price point. The device has an all metal enclosure and is built very well, surpassing the all plastic latest gen $600 Bluesound Node which I also own and love. I also had a Lumin U2 Mini and U2 here for a few weeks and those come in at $2500 and $5000 yet they have no album art display, no VU meters and no DAC. The Lumin products are streamers only but are also highly regarded in the audio community. I am a big fan of Lumin.

I can give you a spoiler now on the A6 as this review will not be drug out and super long. 

The DMP – A6 sounds just as good as the $2500 Lumin U2 Mini as a streamer going into any one of the four DACs I have here on hand. Not 100% the same but also not that different. They have a similar “illuminating” kind of sound, and I mean just using the A6 as a streamer, the same as the Lumin.

The DMP-A6 (to me) looks nicer than the Mini, has a much easier to read display and a much more fulfilling app experience. The A6 easily bests the Bluesound Node when used only as a streamer as well, even using the same cable going into the same DAC. 

It’s undeniable as the A6 is airier, more holographic and yet retains all of the body of the music, even when using just as a streamer. The A6 is one of those rare products that come around from time to time that bring so much value. It’s one of those “no brainer” purchases that I get excited about due to the low cost vs what you actually get. This kind of thing is not easy too find within this audio hobby.

I’ve always recommend the Bluesound Node because of its quality for the price. Nothing else I have found near the $599 price of the Node came close to the entire package. Until now. For $300 more one can have a much nicer streamer and even a decent DAC. This is exciting.

HiFi Rose? 

The EverSolo DMP-A6 appears as if it is trying to compete with HiFi Rose as the DMP-A6 reminds me a little bit of the HiFi Rose RS250A streamer which comes in at $2700 these days. The A6 has similar features, a similar control/display and a similar size and shape (the Rose is larger). The Rose looks even better with the larger display but the EverSolo is a stunner for almost $1800 less.

The HiFi Rose 250 is $2700 and offers very similar features, build and sound as the EverSolo. 

I Had Low Hopes

When the EverSolo arrived my hopes were not high due to the cost and past experiences with lower cost HiFi that tries to be high end. In fact I expected to be let down but after listening to this little guy for the last couple of weeks I can say that as a streamer going into my T+A DAC 200 I am getting back such a high end beautiful sound. The same kind of sound I was getting from the $2500 Lumin, which bested the Node in the treble and all out soundstage depth. The A6 has more magic than the Node Gen 3, even when used only as a streamer.

Wether I streamed from Roon, Tidal, Qobuz or even using Spotify Connect the sound was spacious with a vast wide soundstage. A stage that shrunk somewhat in width and depth when going back to the Node. I did this back and forth with the Lumin U2 Mini/Node as well.

The Lumin was better as a streamer than the Node but not by leaps and bounds. You may have a difference of opinion as the Lumin is fantastic and these things can be system dependent of course. The Lumin is more lit up than the Node but the Node sounds great as well going into a DAC. I lived with the Node in my reference system for the last two months and have enjoyed it every day. It’s not the best streamer but it’s one that is good enough for most.

Cost. It’s why I recommend the Node, not because it bests the Lumin but it gets close for much less money.

Here is the kicker for me. The DMP-A6 matches the U2 Mini in sound, has a nicer display and app yet remains under $900 in cost. 

This will be the streamer I recommend going forward. Especially for those getting into streaming for the first time. While this is plenty good enough even for my reference system (as a streamer only) I have heard a bit better. To get there I would have to spend $5,000.

Comparing the EverSolo to the full size $5,000 Lumin U2 streamer should not be done but since I had both here, I had to do it. A friend let me borrow his Lumin U2 Mini for 3 days so I was able to compare them and this was a thrill as I was so curious as to how this little A6 would stack up to a $5k streamer.

The Lumin U2 is a gorgeous reference class Streamer 

The Lumin looks stunning and appears to be built to a higher level. When it comes to the sound going into the same DAC the U2 has more “shine”, dynamics, solidity and is a touch more refined. I have to say though that the difference here is not massive, but it is noticeable.

The A6 is no slouch in these areas but the U2 had a bit more energy and was a touch smoother as well. For that extra $4,000 you do get maybe 10-15% improvement when used as a streamer only but is $4k worth that? For some, yes. For others, not so much.

If you do not have an external DAC and just want an all in one, the A6 has you covered as well. It has dual ESS 9038 DACS installed and ready to rock and roll. Here are a few of the specs…

4GDDR+32GeMMC large memory for masses of applications.

Support M.2 NVME 3.0 SSD (not included), up to 2TB.

2xES9038Q2M DAC for independent stereo decoding.

Support DSD512 Native, PCM768KHz@32Bit, MQA full decoding.

The 3rd generation XU316 for higher performance and processing speed.

Low-jitter dual clock synchronous processing with higher accuracy.

Fully balanced circuit, XLR balanced and RCA single-ended hi-fi pre-out.

2x DOH chips, support HDMI DSD Native and D2P multi-channel output.

This is a serious streamer that is set to take on some of the big boys in this area. Think HiFi Rose, Lumin and others in the $3k price range.

When the DMP A6 arrived I used ethernet to hook mine up but this little guy also allows us to hook up via WiFi, something Lumin does not offer as Lumin feels this may harm the sound quality.

As soon as I powered it up it instantly connected to the app. The DMP-A6 is one of the easiest to set up  streamers I have ever had through here. I discovered there were no bugs, hang ups or issues which really pleased me. Sometimes these things can be difficult, buggy or strange but not this time.

I tested the DMP-A6 with the internal DAC, external DACs and with three integrated amps.

The DAC winner was the T-A DAC 200 as it so far ahead of the others I have on hand right now that it allowed me to really see how good the streamer is inside of the A6. You can see my T+A DAC Review HERE.

Using my Focal Diablo speakers and either the Aavik U-150, Galion TS120SE and the brilliant Gato 400s the test was underway. I will have reviews of the Gato and Galion very soon. I also tested it with a set of KEF R3 Metas that just arrived for review.

No matter what amp or speakers I used the DMP-A6 settled right into my reference system where it was not embarrassed to be in the company of $24k speakers, a $20k amp or $7200 DAC when used as a streamer.  The music was dynamic, rich, full, holographic and layered. The soundstage opened up vs the Node and gave me very similar performance to the Lumin U2 Mini. If I had to do a blind test between the Lumin Mini and A6, as a streamer only, I could not tell which was which.

The A6 was holographic and allowed whatever DAC I set it up with to show me its true character. 

The Node was thicker, warmer and had less details when used only as a streamer to the same DAC. The A6 was really delivering the goods and was showing itself to be much better than the cost. I like this.

Switching on the VU meters made me smile, just as they did with the $5,000 HiFi Rose 150b (which is still my fave all in one streamer and DAC). The A6 emits zero noise and has no annoying buzzing or hums associated with it. Just silence as it should be.

I have never heard of EverSolo before they sent me this streamer to review but they are on my radar now. I LOVE when a company makes something truly fantastic and doesn’t price it out of the stratosphere. This means more music lovers can experience a higher quality experience without putting a second mortgage on the house, lol.


Switching to the internal DACs inside of the A6 I found the volume to decrease by quite a bit (does this on the Node as well). I also found the sound to be quite nice but not to the level of my external DACs that cost 7-10X what the A6 cost. While this is not any kind of end game DAC solution, it does great as an all in one. I find the A6 sounds just a little bit better to me than the Node if we use the internal DACs of both pieces. The cool thing is that one can always upgrade later by adding a nicer external DAC.

I have nothing but great things to say about the DMP-A6 by EverSolo and not just because it is affordable. Rather I love this thing because it really delivers a fantastic streaming experience while offering great build and ease of use. It competes with streamers that cost 2-3X as much yet offers more.

The big touch screen display reacts instantly as there is no lag and the app is very easy to use and understand. One of the better streaming apps I have used.

It took a $5k streamer to best the sound I was hearing in my system by about 10-15%% (Lumin U2) and I really do love the Lumin U2. It’s sexy, sleek, well made and sounds glorious while being rock solid in stability.

With that said, the EverSolo has also been rock solid, glitch free and quite nice to look at as well.

Under $900. I still can’t believe it.

Inputs, Outputs, Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, USB

HIGHLY recommended to those who are looking for their first streamer or even an upgrade from a Node. It also works VERY WELL in a high end reference system when used as a streamer only into your DAC of choice. This is where it shines for me. With the ability to add an SSD drive and stream just about any format this little guy has high end aspirations without the high end price.

Is this an end game streamer? Well, no. You can get better but how much will you have to spend to improve upon the A6 when using it as a streamer only? Thousands.

The internal DACs are very good but no where near my reference DACs (that cost much much more). Even so, the A6 does sound better to me than the internal DAC of the gen 3 Node but it is that same kind of ballpark.

The EverSolo DMP-A6 is a STUNNER for the money and I can easily recommend it, especially as a fine streamer going INTO a DAC. Enjoy!


You will also find other products and streamers from eversolo at that link, for LESS!


  1. Hello from Canada. Excellent review as always. I presently have the latest Node and like the app. This Eversolo looks great but instead of upgrading to the Eversolo would your recommend a Chinese external DAC that would be an improvement to the Nodes internal DAC? Alas I am not in the position to spend the many $k to upgrade my entire system but looking to spend a reasonable amount to get some improvement.

    ps: I purchased the Micca speaker wires, per your video and was impressed with the quality, not sure how much of improvement SQ wise but I feel they are a good value.


  2. For those not in the know…Eversolo is basically the “hi-fi” arm of Zidoo, who make probably the best Android boxes around (for your TV). Under their main name, they kept creeping up in quality (and expense) for these boxes, so the offshoot name doesn’t surprise me. Nor does the apparent quality.

    I have a couple questions:
    1. Currently i use mconnect to send hi-res Qobuz drectly to my Oppo 205 blu-ray player (certainly no slouch even a half-dozen years later). This connects to an equally high-end all analog Audio Research preamp. The DAC in the Oppo is a ESS 9038PRO, so would even that old would be superior to the one in the A6? The BIG feature only seemingly available on the OPPO is an HDMI IN, which is a must for me with my analog main system.

    2. As mentioned this parent company is famous for their Android boxes, which i am currently looking for another one. In addition to its music/audio prowess, does anyone know if it can be used as a high-end Android box with its 32GB memory (also load ‘regular” Android apps? It is essentially just a Adroid 11 OS…

  3. Hi Steve, have you tried the Eversolo DMP-A6 with the Weiss 204 DAC or the Denafrips Ares 12th or Pontus II 12th DAC’s? Is there an improvement with these DACS and the Eversolo?

  4. Streaming to an external DAC, did you have a preference of USB, coaxial or optical? Notice any difference between them? I haven’t seen any specific specs on the unit in regards to the digital outputs, but assume the USB supports higher data rate so can better take advantage of high-res sources like Apple Music lossless, etc.?

  5. Hi Steve

    Thanks from Norway for a great review!

    Just a short question, i have the Node 2i now and thinking of buying the Eversolo DMP-A6 Master edition or the one you reviewed here.

    Will i hear a difference in the two versions? I will use the one i buy as a streamer and dac.
    In Norway the difference in the two models are 300$ and 1300$ for the Master Edition.

    What do you recommend?

    Jan, Norway

    • I have not tried the master edition. I can say that the New NODE X has a better DAC than what is in the Eversolo. I loved this as a streamer, not so much the DAC. If used as a streamer and DAC I may suggest the Node X which is greatly improved since the 2i. The new DAC is leagues better than the 2i and it now comes with remote and headphone amp in a silver finish.

      • Thank you so much for answering…

        If i use the Node 2i (keep it) and buy the Topping E70 Velvet (500$ in Norway), would i get a better DAC than the Node X?

        • I tried a Topping DAC (the best they sell) and wasn’t a huge fan. With that said, it’s probably better than what is in the 2i as that is a pretty old model now. The X is a big step up IMO from the 2i and last model Node.

      • Steve, I agree as a Dac it was so, so…. As a streamer excellent, any speakers that are slightly more forward and a touch brighter not sure I would use this as a dac. But you might want to play with the internal filters in the Dac that might help matters and people over look this feature on this unit. I am testing those out and if I can make it sound better as a Dac it is a keeper as one of the better Dac/Streamer Combo’s I have seen. Also trying to figure out on how to use the Internal HD Drive I just installed.

  6. For me, only the streaming function comes into question anyway. What about connecting to a NAS (Synology)? My music collection would not even fit on a 4TB SSD. My 8TB NAS (mirrored) is almost full. There are mainly 24/96 but also a lot of 24/192 flac’s stored. Can I search by folder?

  7. Hi, I have purchased DMP A6, and want to connect it with my Denon PMA 1700 NE as Pre+Power amp. As I am connected it with Analog RCA at DMP A6 side and at Network AUX IN at DENON side (with RCA cable), I am not getting any sound in speaker. My question shall I have to choose Volume Passthrough Mode to work Denon as Integrated amplifier (Pre+Power) ?? And how to set DMP A6 as streamer + DAC to connect it with an integrated amplifier.

  8. Thanks for your gorgeous review ! Between the Rose rs 250 and this Ever solo DMP-A6 as an all-in-one (streamer+DAC), which one would you choose ?

    • Depends on wether I would want to use the DAC inside of the streamer. If so, I’d go rose. If not I’d go Eversolo. As I said the DAC in the EverSolo is decent but not anything special. It shines as a streamer, and yes, streamers do make a difference in sound as I have a few here now and all sound different using the same cable, dac, etc. The DMPA6 bests the node as a streamer with a more open sound vs a darker sound of the node for example. But the DAC is what yo would expect for a piece of this price.

  9. Hey Steve,

    Out of the box. This vs. the ifi Neo Stream. Only a few hundred bucks difference. On paper their feature set is pretty similar. I’m looking for an all-in-one unit for a 2nd system and I am pretty close on pulling the trigger on the ifi until I saw this from you. Since you’re one of the few that have had both, thoughts? Interested as streaming-dac’s… not as they stand as streamers only in my case.

    • I would take the Eversolo over the Neo stream all day long. The dac inside is equiv to a $500 DAC but the streamer is remarkable. The features are as well, and it’s lag and glitch free.

      • Thanks for the reply. This is food for thought for sure… now if it would just come in stock.

      • Just curious where one would buy these? Amazon is out of them and I can’t seem to find anyone that carries them?

  10. as a matter of interest do you know if the A6 usb output to an external DAC can provide full MQA unfolding to the external DAC for D/A conversion.

  11. Hello,

    The dmp-a6 could be set a fixed volume output with analogue outputs ? I want to let my preamp do the job.

    Thank,you for the review and your help.

  12. Very nice review! accurate, not so long and entertained, it seems this is a hell piece of equipment indeed, the only thing that stops me from buying is the lack of HDMI eArc so I can plug in my TV, the Bluesound has it, that will be intended to modernize my old Nakamichi AV1-s from the lates 90’s that has been recap a few weeks ago, meanwhile I connected an Onkyo TX-NR696, but it’s not the same as the Nakamichi in sound quality terrain, however the Onkyo is extremely convenient usage

    Aparently the EverSolo can be conected to the TV via toslink, but I think HDMI eArc is better

  13. Thanks for a good review.
    I am definitley going to have this as an option when i buy my next streamer.
    Did you try to sideload any extra apps?

  14. @Steve Huff,

    Does the Ever Solo do gapless playback? I just purchased one online and should have it here in about 2 weeks. Thank you for your reviews. I thoroughly enjoy every single one of them.

    Cheers from Chicago.

  15. Interesting product this Eversolo DMP-A6. I have seen the Master Edition version with some small improvements. Very undecided between the latter and the Rose RS250A. What’s your preference?
    Otherwise with higher costs the Rose RS150B or the Auralic Altar G1.1, you know?
    Too bad that with the latter it is not possible to combine external dacs.

  16. Hi Steve, I have a question about the VU Meters.
    I saw a review for DAC Z8 and that guy said that VU meters are fake.
    What about DM-6? Are VU real? Do they reflect the sound being played from the DAC?

    • They are just like the ones on the HiFi Rose units. They are not physical VU’s out up by LED’s but rather graphics, and yes, they go to the music. They may not be accurate, not sure, but they are there for looks really, as all VU meters are.

  17. Great review! Congrats. I am just starting out in this HIFI world and thinking of introducing a streamer to my system (although I mostly rely on CD and Vinyl as a source), for I will certainly consider this EverSolo. I have a Leak Stereo 130 integrated amp and use the internal DAC of the amp, for the time being at least. I don´t know if you heard the Leak’s internal DAC, but i was wondering if it makes sense to use that DAC or the EverSolo internal DAC? I will probably upgrade to an external DAC in the future, as I listening to a lot of CDs, but for now what would you think would be the best solution: the Leak internal DAC or the EverSolo internal DAC? Thank you so much.

    • Compared to the Lumin U2 which has a linear power supply (I now have the U2 here) the Lumin is warmer, fuller. The app is better on the A6 as is the display. $850 vs $5k and I bought the Lumin for a longer term comparison. The Lumin is better, more refined of a sound but there is not $4k worth of difference here.

      • Oh no you made me buy one! I doubt it will knock off my Grimm MU1. One reason I bought it is that I have many friends who are thinking about streaming, Typically they look at streaming solutions that cost $15K and this gives them an excuse to ponder forever. I will fill mine with music and get it setup on their systems and leave it with them.
        Or maybe I’ll keep it just for me? Most amusing….

        • It will NOT beat your Grimm : ) The DAC in the EverSolo is not the greatest, equiv to a $500 DAC. The streamer is where the action here is, and is a great upgrade to a Node. Hangs with the Lumin Mini’s. Have fun!

  18. Many thanks for the outstanding review Steve, definitely now on my shopping list.
    I’m also intrigued by the Master Edition version. Reading the spec differences I see the DAC chips are identical, with the differences being:
    1. Some gold details on the case
    2. Clock System – Accusilion Femtosecond oscillators with noise reduction and improved jitter vs high precision crystal oscillators
    3. OPA Chips – OPA1612 with ultra-low noise and low distortion 1KHz 0.000015% vs OPA1642

    Do you see these making a discernible improvement in the sound, and would these become largely irrelevant using as a streamer only and linking to an external DAC such as the T+A DAC 200 for which you did another excellent review?

  19. Going for the naming scheme from EverSolo, we saw DAC-Z6, than DAC-Z8. Now we see DMP-A6 and by this logic soon enough we will see a DMP-A8 maybe.
    I am thinking to buy one of these, though I own a Yamaha R-N2000A which is a very good streamer/dac as well. But I like to looks of this more (bigger VU metters than Yamaha, but Yamaha ones are analog/real meters, while these are digital).

  20. Couldn’t agree more with your last reply, I own 3 cheaper Chinese made amps, Musical Paradise, RFTLYS and Yaqin, all excellent sounding so I have no problem with buying a EverSolo product. In fact I have just enquired, the first two orders have already been sold so will now have to wait and see if any more are on their way for the uk market. I use a Lumin U2 mini in my system, but could use the EverSolo in a 2nd system and not have to worry about a dac until later should the need arise. Thanks for the review.

  21. Hi Steve, I have bought a naim Supernait 3 and now need to get a streamer. What do you think about this compared to an nd5 xs2? Thanks

    • DO you have a DAC? If not them the Naim will be better in sound. The internal DAC of the EverSolo is about equal to the Bluesound Node DAC, maybe a bit more detail. If you have a nice DAC already then using the EverSolo as a streamer will be fantastic. As a streamer it is pretty amazing. As a DAC it’s very good for the cost but not anywhere near reference level.

  22. Hi Steve, great review. As someone approaching 50 with a bit of a degradation of hearing (drums in bands/loud gigs as a youth, now the price must be paid) I’m intrigued by whether I might even hear those small differences you mention. There’s an appeal to the idea of a simple digital front end that could replace the Denafrips Venus II and JA CDT2mk3/Node 2i setup I have now. That’s a great system, but I am starting to question whether it’s entirely wasted on me!

    That being said, did you compare (or can you recall) the difference in SQ of the playback (using their respective built-in DACs) between the Rose and the Eversolo streamers? I heard the Rose 150B and thought it to be a fantastic unit, but wasn’t quite ready to spend the asking on a single streamer. The Eversolo sounds like it might be the answer (if indeed it can be bought in the UK 🙂 )

    Best wishes, and also I’m kinda missing the photo angle on your channel, will you be going back to that stuff ever?


    • Hello. The streamer of the EverSolo is fantastic and for me is equal to a $2k streamer. The DAC inside is not as good as my other DACs but about equal to the one inside of the NODE. It’s the streaming experience as well as the display I enjoy A LOT. In comparison to the Rose 150b, the Rose DAC will sound better than the EverSolo DAC. The Rose is $5k with streamer and DAC. I would say though that the streamer in the EverSolo most likely matches or gets very close to the Rose streamer. My praise for this unit is mainly as a streamer going into an external DAC. The internal DAC is indeed leaner, flatter and more edgy than my good DACs.

  23. Hi Steve, great Review of a Streamer that many People can afford. When I will start building a System, this may very well be the center of the Hifi components.
    But I have one question. You say as a pure streaming device, the Eversolo is excellent sounding. I don’t understand how a Streamer can have any influence to the sound?
    Because there is no analog conversion involved and it is pure Data it delivers, Ones and Zeros. And I think if there are any data missing it is a defective device, is it?
    The DAC and more so the Amplifier and maybe the cables if you will (I know in the US the cables play a mayor role in the Hifi-Chain, less so here in Germany) are responsible for the sound, while the main part are the speakers of course.

    • Streamers do make a different. It is why there are $30 streamers and $15,000 streamers. They all sound different even though all they do is send those bits to your DAC. The Node as a streamer sounds much plumper and less detailed but still very nice. The EverSolo as a streamer sounds more detailed and lit up with a more expansive stage, much like the Lumin U2 Mini. The Lumin U2 sounds better as a streamer as it has a richer sound with more depth and is more refined. Search around to those who upgraded from a Node to a Lumin and you will hear them talk of those differences. I will say though that if one has lower end speakers, noisy amps, etc then those changes will not be as clear. In my system it is easy to hear these changes, by anyone who listens. But it is a fact and well known that streamers do make a difference. The best streamer I ever heard was the Grimm MU1. I doesn’t do any of the “connect” things, and only works with Roon to stream yet it costs $14,000. The second best I heard was the Innuos Statement, streamer only for $15k+. On the flip side I was sent a $99 streamer to review and it sounded like garbage, flat, harsh, not good. Never reviewed it as I couldn’t recommend it. So yes they do sound different even using the same cable, same dac, etc.These differences are minimal to non existent in the lower end, but when you move up the ladder you will hear them. The good thing is that this EverSolo sounds more and looks more like a $2k-$3k streamer. : )

    • There is room for improvement with the internal DACs for sure. As a streamer into a nice external DAC though, the standard edition is quite lovely. I actually have a Lumin U2 coming in so will get a chance to review the LUMIN as well.

      • Yes of course it is. Streamers do sound different even going into the same DAC. The best streamer I have ever heard was the Grimm MU1 and it only does Roon. $14k for the streamer only, and if I could have swing the cost it would have been mine. The Innuos statement at $15k was the next best I have heard. The worst streamer I heard was a $99 box that was sent to me to review. It was unlistenable in my system. This is all using the same dac, amp, speakers and cables. The EverSolo as a streamer competes with $2500 streamers. The DAC inside does not. Streamers do sound different, but your system will have to be able to discern those differences. My system is set up in a way that any change made is easily heard. Not hard to hear at all by anyone who listens here. Nots are why you would say “I doubt it” when I clearly stated it sounds as good as the U2 Mini at $2500 but not as good as the $5k U2. This is a bargain in the audio world if you are looking for a streamer that is feature packed, sounds lovely, is built well and looks great. What I am saying is even if you have a “reference” system, this streamer is worthy of being in your system, as a streamer. Does it sound as good as the $14k Grimm? No. The $15k Innuos, no. The $5k U2? No. The $2500 U2 Mini? Yes. The Node? YES. Thank you.

        • If you replace the switch mode power supply in the U2 Mini with an external linear power supply, it will sound close or as good as the U2 as many people had mentioned. I bought the kit and converted mine to use with the external SBooster LPS. The Hifi Rose RS250 has a large toroidal transformer inside, but the Eversolo probably doesn’t have one and so that’s maybe the reason it’s cheaper.

          • But it doesn’t sound as good as the U2, just as the U1 mini didn’t sound as good as the U1. I am also not a fan of voicing warranties to solder in a new power supply. I have had the U2 here now for the last week 24/7 and it’s remarkable. Reminds me a little of the Innuos Statement when I heard it. The U2 is really the best streamer I have ever owned (yes I bought it) but I have heard slightly better with the Grimm MU1, though that one is more limiting (Roon only) and $14k.

  24. I cannot find this unit for sale anywhere in the US. Mind sharing the link to where you purchased it? I subscribe to your YouTube channel and watch almost every video. Thanks for all you do!

    • It was sent to me for review from EverSolo a stated. It is new, and coming very soon. It will be on Amazon, in their shop, when it is available. They say “VERY SOON” so my guess is within the next couple of weeks. I can imagine this will be popular for them as the word gets out.

  25. The next device from China that is pushed by an American. There are more than enough alternatives that do not come from China.

    • I do not look at it that way at all. I look at a product and if it is really good and worth the money I will review it. I could care less where it is made as everything we use is made in China. Most of what you use is made in China. Your phone, your computer that you use. TV’s, almost all electronics. All made in China. Parts in your cars are made in China. Probably some of your clothes are as well. 85% of what we buy online is made in China.

      Unless you are ready to give all of that up personally, then you should not worry about wether a $850 streamer is reviewed and recommended nor should you make a comment like this. You wrote this comment on a made in China device more than likely.

      Yes, there are USA options but not many, and most are 5X the cost and either not as good or about equal. This is for those who do not want to spend thousands when they can spend much less for the same results.I just received an Italian made Gold Note Streamer and DAC that costs 4X what this does yet has less features and it didn’t even power up. Was defective out of the box so am sending it right back.It was set to me to review and doesn’t even boot up, out of the box. Made in Italy and $4,000.

      If an audio product is fantastic, dependable, sounds great and is low cost then its a no brainer, and I will review it. Not everyone has $10k for a USA made streamer. There are no USA companies who will make a streamer like this for this kind of cost. If you do not like that I or others review items like this then you probably should not read them, or look, or click. Heck, you should toss your phone since it was made in China.

      Have a great day.

      • Amen Brother: I bought the Willsenton R300(made in China)partly based on your review and could’nt be happier. Keep up the reviews of GOOD STUFF regardless of country of origin :].

        • Hi Dave

          Because of your great review I treated myself to an Eversolo Master.
          I must say I am amazed at the software and the simplicity of this device. I myself have an external DAC from Musical Fidelity the M6S about 1700$ DAC. Until now I listened with the Bluesound latest generation with PD Creative Upgrade Mod chip and linear power supply.
          The DAC always sounded great… only I have always lacked a bit of musicality over Bluesound.

          With the Eversolo Master Edition I noticed something strange that I unfortunately can not quite explain.
          When I connect the external DAC everything sounds wonderfully musical. However, the DAC has much less power and is also correspondingly less wide in the stage as on the Bluesound with mod and linear power supply. This can of course be good… the master was also not geupgradet let alone a Highendnetzkabel drangehängt.

          However, if I now switch to the internal DAC, I suddenly have a very crisp but also much more powerful bass. The stage is much smaller, however, is also a cheap DAC…
          But now the question is? Do I have to change anything in the volume settings or can it really be that here the Bluesound with MOD is simply superior? I myself hear actually only with coax cable does that matter?

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