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Feb 022011

Deadline almost here for the M9 contest! Get those entries in before the timer counts down!

Attention! For all of you who have not yet submitted your entries for the M9 contest I just added a countdown timer to the upper right sidebar. That is the exact amount of time you have left to submit your entries! If I receive any entries after the cut off time they will not be entered! I received nearly 100 entries today and am approaching 600 verified entries! There are so many great ones it will be VERY hard to narrow down to a top 10 and probably even harder still for Heidi and Rankin to pick the first and 2nd place. What I love about this contest the most is that it seems to have sparked mass amounts of creativity among us all! I can not enter but even I have been inspired by some of the images coming in so I thank all of you who have entered already and I thank all of you who still have yet to enter! Just get them in by the deadline! Just in case you haven’t seen it, here is the contest page!

  15 Responses to “The Deadline is almost here for the M9 contest!”

  1. […] I found out over at Facebook’s that there was an ongoing photo contest with a second-hand Leica M9 for a first prize. I submitted a couple of photos. I made the deadline, and after throwing the request at the […]

  2. Looking forward to seeing the top ten now i guess it’s going to take some time for you to finish deciding. Thanks for the competition!

  3. I would enter but i really dont want to follow any of those photographers. Now if you had Elliot Erwitt or someone of that callibre then I would ! can I enter without receiving those photos each day?

  4. steve, what if my snaps
    are more than 1300 pixels long ?, cuz i had
    adjusted the width but not length and since
    both the snaps were in potrait form, length
    was longer thn 1300 pixels !

  5. Happy I entered, but certain I won’t make the top ten :(

  6. countdown clock cool! @ Makka…….I think Steve has mentioned he will be blogging all entries in reply to someone on another post here.

  7. I’m sure that if Steve posts a top-30, there’ll be many here nagging and complaining that number 11 is so much better than number 9 etc… and why was number 25 not in the top-10??

  8. Yeah, i so agree with Makka!! At least a top 30!! I am so confused and that’s why i am not entering my story, i feel it’s not going to be good as others…!! Anyway, today i am going to make up my mind and send my “story”!!!!

    Thank you Seal, thank you Steve for the great opportunity!!!!

  9. Steve after you decided the top 10, please show at least the top 20 or 30. 10 is too few :)

  10. Wow, it’s almost time. I can’t wait to see the entries ^_^. Thank you and Seal for this great contest.

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