“Abandoned” with the Olympus E-P2 and Kit Zoom

Was out today getting a few last shots with the Leica X1 (sending it back tomorrow) and shot this with the Olympus E-P2 and Kit Zoom. I have shot this house with a Leica M8 and M9 and am surprised to see that the Oly did just as well. Even the full size looks GREAT. This was shot at F5.6 at the 17mm setting. ISO 100 and handheld from my parked car window. I did do some PP to enhance the image. Basically I adjusted contrast and brightness in ACR 5.6 and then used the Ektachrome film filter in Color Efex Pro. Thats about it. Then I resized to a large 1500 pixels wide for this post. Click the image to see the large size.

This little Olympus E-P2 has been surprising me more and more and now just have to explain to the wife why I have been using her camera every single day! I can not wait to try out the 20 1.7. Should be here on Wed! I see B&H is now out of stock so hopefully a few of you got one!

Also, I just noticed that the Olympus E-P2 is once again IN STOCK at B&H Photo. If you have been looking for the camera, get it while you can! Also, check this out! As of today  you can get the Oly E-P2 With 17 2.8 At Amazon! Its in stock with only TWO left!

Anyway, here is the image!


I have been giving my M9 a break for the past week but I have four new lenses on the way to test out for my M. The 35 Summarit, 50 Summicron, 75 Summicron and 90 Elmarit! The 90 Elmarit is no longer in production but many say it is the best 90 for the M9 so I had to try it out. Look for those reviews soon as well as the X1 (soon guys!) and Nikon and Canon DSLR’s.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great shot, but I think you’re going to LOVE the Pany 20. for me, E-P# color and stabilization with Panasonic glass equals bliss.

  2. Hi, Steve !

    Did you shot the same house with the Leica X1?

    (I am waiting for your review to decide)

    I really like your website.

    Cheers !

    josé (Spain)

  3. Steve – I have a GF1 with the 20m lens and I too am now confronted with this problem. As a street photographer, I am finding that GF1 gives me pretty much everything I need and unless if you are going to large prints for exhibitions, there is not much too separate the M8/9 vs the GF1. I truly believe Pana and Oly are onto something here with the micro 4/3 format. In fact, I am using the M system more for my landscape photography rather than street!

    BTW, the 7-14 lens and the GF1 is quite outstanding for its size! You should get one.

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