My M9 Daily Diary is back to regular updates!

Just making sure you guys know about my M9 diary page! I have started to update it again now that I am out and about every day with my M9. Two or three times per week I will update it with M9 news, pics or tidbits. Be sure to bookmark and check it daily! You can go check it out now to see whats new by clicking HERE! Just updated it today with this processed pic I shot yesterday with the M9 and 90 Elmarit at 2.8. What a lens! I also posted a new 50 cron pic as well!


  1. No that was added. This photo has been post processed. Added vignetting, and enhanced coloring basically hand painting it. I was messing around with it and got a bit carried away, but I like it 🙂

  2. Dear Steve, this is an outstanding photo – I am really astounded by the quality of the Elmarit and the bokeh. I have been ignoring this glass up to now because i always thought it was on the slow side compared to the 90 cron but I need to reconsider. Looking forward to your new photos!

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