Cool Friday links, Feb 5th 2010

Another weekend is upon us and I am planning on going with the family and some friends to see Avatar 3D at the local Imax. I have already seen this movie in standard 3D and it was amazing. I am not usually a fan of sci-fi films but this one is a masterpiece!

Anyway, I stumbled upon some cool links this past week and wanted to share them with you..

Erwin Putts the human Leica encyclopedia has posted his Pocket Leica Guide “Leica Lists” for free in PDF format. You can download it here. It is full of all the technical info on lenses, cameras, model#’s, years..all of the info you may like to know if you have an old lens and want to see when it was made. Pretty nice of Erwin to make this available!

Like cats? I thought I was nuts for taking so many cat pics lately, but really it is only due to the nasty grey weather we have been having lately. If you like cats of all shapes and sizes checkout this thread over at Fred Miranda..Meoowww!

I posted earlier this week about the Thorsten Overgaard Photography Extension course. Well, I think this is a superb way to learn at your own pace and improve your photography. Thorsten is another passionate Leica shooter who has always been helpful. I recommend his course and he has now made a more detailed page showing you what you get when you sign up. You can see the more detailed page HERE. This course is online and also gives you one on one with Thorsten for each assignment. Very cool!

Wow! I can not believe this 35 Summilux is still available at B&H. It is used but an 8+ condition lens for $2599. That is close to half price! LOOKS LIKE IT SOLD!

In case you missed it, (not sure how you could have) I put up a page called “The Worldwide Leica M9 Image Database” where YOU can upload your own M9 images for the world to see. I thought it would be a cool experiment and provide a resource for those wanting to see images from this camera. You can upload and each image can be tagged with your name so you get full credit. If this works I plan on putting one up for other cameras as well so users from all over the world can have a way to browse and share images from their favorite cameras and/or lenses! Go to the M9 Image Database page NOW! Images are coming in by the hour 🙂 If you know someone who has an M9, direct them to the page and help spread the word! Even if you do not own an M9 you can browse the images and rate them!

Digital Rev interviewed me this week on their blog. You can read it HERE.

The 50mm lens I use on the M9, the 50 Summicron F2 can be found for $929 used at B&H Photo. This may go fast. It is NOT coded and in an 8+ condition. If you want it, get it before someone else! They still have a used M8 like new in box as well. The M8 Sold!

The first video made by the new Olympus E-PL1 over at youtube!


  1. Well, I’m ordering the M8.2 and hope it’s good for me. Having never owned a Leica before, it is the one I can almost afford. I was on the list for a M9, but to spend that kind of cash and not be sure if I’ll like the rangefinder system was a little too scary. I like the idea of full frame, but never had it on a digital yet, so I can adapt for now. I’ve seen what comes out of the M8 series and like it, though I like the M8.2 better. I’m getting a 35mm Summicron 2.0, 6 bit coded lens for it. Both items used but in mint condition. I’m very excited! I figure if I want full frame, it will be in D-SLR, with a Nikon D700 added to my list. I use Nikon right now for dog photography, action and such. So, that will be on my list down the line if needed. Right now, I want to focus on B&W with the Leica, and get back to basics!

    Geez, I sure hope I like the system! Thanks for recommending Ken, Steve. He’s a nice guy!

  2. Hi Steve,

    I really didn’t get much time to get to grips with the M8.2. I had to decide if full frame was important to me, and it is as I like wide angle shots.

    The high ISO files were a bit of a problem (though I know the M9 is only slightly better – will probably be working in b&w with it) compared to the 5DII ones I get (I do shoot quite a bit of low light pictures – yes I’d love fast Leica glass!) and the colour shifts in low light even with the UV/IR filters I found difficult to work with. But please bear in mind I used the camera very little as I wanted to keep it mint to get max re-sale value. I didn’t give it much chance I guess.

    The M9 feels much better suited to my style, even in the 3 short days of use.

    Your recalibration of the M9 and lenses experience gives me much confidence that mine will be good too. Who knows, I might be lucky & get it all back sometime next week and I might even get round to submitting some images to your site.

    Meantime good luck with the work in progress on the Database.

  3. Thanks Vincent! What didn’t you like about the M8.2? I loved mine 🙂 As for fast lenses, I love them but I also enjoy the slower lenses as well. It all came down to my personal budget and I could not justify the big $$ lenses for my own use. But, I still like to review and try them all.

    As for the M9 Database…I am still working on it and it is in a “beta” test stage. Trying to figure a few bugs out right now but it may only be able to display the name and info on the thumbnail before you click on it. One can always embed a watermark on an image as well if they really want to.

    Hope you get your M9 back soon. When you do it will be perfect no doubt!

  4. Hi Steve,
    Been following your site since its previous inception. Thoroughly enjoy your reviews, writing and enthusiasm, making it my favourite and must-visit-every-day site!
    There was a point where I was afraid you might be pulling away with your emphasis on the large aperture Leica lenses, beyond the pockets of some of us, who have to scrape and scrimp to get the M9 with more mainstream lenses. It’s great that you’ve found fantastic results from some of the more affordable lenses now.
    I was ‘encouraged’ to buy an 8.2 a couple of weeks before the announcement of the M9 – not pleased at all. Decided to take the hit and make the change so packed up the 8.2 to sell and then waited 4 months for my M9 – only to find it front focusing, so it & lenses are in Solms being sorted. Only had it 3 days before returning it so can’t wait to get it back!
    Enjoyed Digital Rev interview but astounded by £7869.92 price for the M9 there (via link to shop at bottom of page) – wow! (Wrong £ and $ transposition I hope)
    I looked the M9 Image Database, however when viewing the images there doesn’t appear to be any author and photo info, except in thumbnails – can these be displayed on the slideshow and also allow voting in enlarged view? Guess it could be that I may be doing something wrong though.
    Keep up the good work, especially the great down-to-earth way you convey your love for the Leica way of photography.
    Problem with reading your articles is that it makes me want my kit back ASAP so that I can start to learn and experience it too!

  5. If a used lens at B&H does not say it is coded it is not. When they have one that is it will say (6-bit coded). They do not show serial#’s of the lenses but do offer their same return policy on used items.


  6. Thanks Steve for useful information and links!

    When I am on B&H page with used lenses, I can’t find info with real serial number and if lens is coded or not. Did you call them to check coding?

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