Micro 4/3 50mm F0.95 lens on the way…

Wow. This is so cool. There is a lens on the way from Noktor called the Hyperprime and it is going to deliver F0.95 speed for the m4/3 mount. This will be a MANUAL focus lens with no need for an adapter. The lens is said to have a 62mm filter mount and a minimum focus distance of .6 meters. Also, I am hearing it will come in at an affordable price (under $900) with other lenses on the way. Here is a link to the source with a couple of sample images. This looks like a VERY promising lens and I can not wait until they are released. Oh, and it is based on an old design like THIS ONE. I did not post about this earlier as it was all rumor but it now appears to be true. Very cool!


  1. I e-mailed the company and asked for a review sample. They got back to me and said no problem and asked where to send it. So, I shall see soon enough if this is real 🙂 I’ll keep the site updated if I hear anything.

  2. If it turns out to be real then great. But I think Olympus are planning a m43 50mm f/2 macro for 2011, according to their roadmap? Not f/0.95 but if it’s as good as their 4/3 50mm f/2 macro, then perhaps worth waiting for?

  3. The Noct is a legend in almost anyone’s books – but that is what I fear the problem is. You don’t need to be an expert photographer to understand how awesome f/0.95 is, but I hope Noktor are going to capitalise on that properly rather than just by lens spec and ‘approximated’ performance.

    Otherwise my intended path is a Voigtlander adapter with a Zeiss ZM 50/2 :p

  4. Well said. Needless to say I will also be eager to try it out on my EP1. Perhaps the Noctilux has set the standard just a little too high? 🙂

  5. Hey Jonathan, one of the beauties of photography is everyone has a different opinion of what “crap” is. Also, I never ever go by photo samples like that. Anyway, I am excited to “try” the lens. I would only buy it if it gave me some “close to” noctilux effects. I would never expect it to have silky smooth bokeh like a noct but I think it can it can have its place in my bag if it turned out to be one of those lenses that I consider “artsy & creative”. I would not be looking for sharpness with this one but would hope for a nice super classic kind of look.

    If it’s real, I will be trying it no doubt!

  6. Steve I hope you aren’t getting too excited about this lens. While I doubt it is a hoax (the lens already exists, Noktor just has to modify the mount) the image quality is absolutely crap. The first image is overly soft, and the second shows how ugly the bokeh is and how prone to flare it is as well. I’m beginning to fear that we are seeing the start of the ‘aperture race’ just as we have seen with the megapixel race.

  7. People are mounting 0.95 lenses on m4/3 right now with adapters so it is possible. From what I have seen, many are saying this is a hoax. If it is, then its a pretty dumb hoax. If not, then that will be pretty cool. Now…how about mounting to my M9? Ha ha….


  8. The lens mounted on the Olympus Camera in the link you posted reads SCHNEIDER 1/ 0.95 f50mm.
    The beginning of the same page shows a lens called Navitron as the featured lens with same specs.
    The Twitter Page Advertises for a Noktor lens same specs.

    Mmmh I find it ambiguous…

  9. Whoops…missed that link part, Steve. Yup, that’s the lens! The shots on the link are similar to the Canon Dream Lens…unique, funky bokeh…will give M4/3 users new creative vistas, if the lens comes out…problem with this older design, if it holds true, is that minimal focal distance is a bit on the long end…probably won’t be an issue, since this will effectively be a 100 mm lens, though….

    Agree that a 25 f/0.95 would be fascinating!

  10. The micro 4/3s lens that the community needs is a 25mm f/0.95 like the angenieux 25mm f0.95. Just copy that, add a focus motor (or don’t) and you would prob sell 100,000s of ’em. I’m sure Voigtlander could do it, price it like the 50mm f/1.1…my 2 cents…

  11. Hi guys,
    There are a few intereseting posts out there that this lens may be a copy of a 60’s era TV lens. I can’t remember the forum (I think it’s GetDPI) where a poster showed a pic of a lens from the 60’s with nearly identical dimensions and size as this Noktor….this lens may just be a rebranded “re-issue” of this older lens….I tested a Canon 50 f/.095 Dream lens on M4/3 with cool output, so I I think it may be a fun lens nonetheless…regardless, there are MF options at 0.95 for M4/3….may be interesting, or it may be a big hoax!

  12. Are you sure? I’m reading on other websites and they are all saying this is fake (a sort of April Fools’ Day in mid-february)

  13. Hey Marty, I thought the same thing when I initially heard about it, but it makes sense. All of these old lenses are fetching some high $$’s and if a company came along to recreate these lenses they could make a mint selling them for the fast growing m4/3 user base. It all seems legit, but you never know 🙂 I hope it is!

  14. I find it a little strange that this company has just a one page website linking to a twitter account (with only three tweets). Something smells fishy, but I’ll be happy to be proved wrong! 🙂

  15. It will be a 100mm, but it will give you great low light ability, plus the link I shared above of the lens that it is based off of show examples on an E-P1. Looks like it will be a great “creative” lens.

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