Daily Inspiration #58 by Alan Davis

It’s Sunday so I am taking it easy today but I am posting the daily inspiration! Today it comes from Alan Davis, so THANK YOU ALAN! Here is the story behind the image, direct from Alan:
“One of the wonderful things about photography is that it makes you look at the world. I often do an exercise where I go out to photograph without a camera. It eliminates the entire “photograph this” process which makes the looking take on a bit different meaning. You also learn it is OK not to capture everything you see on film or sensor. The significance of this image overlaps a tiny bit on what Amy Medina speaks of in her “Take A Picture. Every Day.” daily inspiration post on your site – the experiences photography can bring to you.

Surprisingly, we were having a real winter blizzard in Richmond, VA. A friend with a 4-wheel drive vehicle came and picked me up. We carried some towels to cover our cameras and headed out into the weather. If it weren’t for photography I probably would not have set foot out of the house and missed a wonderful and beautiful experience of hiking through the snow during the storm. As we were leaving one of the parks we visited I saw this shot and asked to borrow my friend’s camera as he had a longer lens (some Canon SLR) than the 50mm on my Lecia M8. I lifted the camera and aimed straight into the wind. With the snow blowing in my face I had only a vague idea of what I was framing and no idea at all if any focus of any sort was happening (basically didn’t know what I was doing with the camera). It’s one of those images you somehow feel you didn’t have a lot to do with and that makes it all the more enjoyable when it comes out. It was a great time photographing.

There are a couple more images from that day on my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nalasivad/

Again, thanks your efforts. Hope you find making other people happy and more knowledgeable just rewards.

Best, Al”


  1. These are some great pictures. I am just getting into more serious photography myself and find this site very informative without getting all too technical. The daily inspiration series is great. It gives someone starting out like myself a good cross-section of different photographic styles. I can see which I like best and try to enhance my skills in that particular style.


  2. I have to say these are great pictures. a few I will hang on my wall to help calm myself or go back to the basics of beautiful composition.

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