Daily Inspiration #63 by Karen Sik

Wow, what a nice image. As soon as it popped up in my inbox I knew it had to be made with a Leica and I was right! Today’s submission was sent in by Karen Sik and she used her M8 and 35 Summarit to get the shot. Here is what she said:

“I remain a big fan of your blog and yours is something I look forward to reading everyday.  Everything’s just so real and friendly and inspiring, from your review, the pictures and the people dropping by.  Your passion and love for photography is contagious!  I’d like to submit a picture of my niece who simply loves animals.  Yesterday it was elephants who caught her heart and she stayed there to watch them until the sun set and it was time to go home.  She lives somewhere else and she left this morning so I miss her.  This was caught with my trusty M8 and 35mm Summarit.  Thank you and have a good weekend.”

Thank YOU Karen for the image and hope your weekend is terrific!


  1. Thank you Steve for posting my picture! And thanks Po-Ming Chu, efix and Josh for dropping by with your comments! Efix, i hope springtime comes quickly 🙂

  2. This a fine example of central compostions with an offset diagonal making a connection. Above all the pic looks great, just a sweet moment and has a nice vignette to hold it all together!

    Hey Steve: You’re posting as fast as some sport photogs are shooting mate 😉

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