Daily Inspiration #68 by Eric Peppin

These two images were sent in by Eric Peppin and they are pretty striking. HDR is not everyones cup of tea but I think these are superb. Eric sent these in with the following info:

Uprooted was a HDR using my D90 and the amazing Tamron 18-50 F2.8 with a Hoya Polarizer.

Decayed was captured when I first got my D90 with the 18-105 kit lense. The grass was so amazingly green I had to take the shot.

My portfolio is www.ArtTwisted.com

Thanks Eric!


  1. Each to their own but I only see grossly exaggerated images which, to me, is the hallmark of the HDR technique – in essence, digital manipulation taken beyond the extreme

  2. Amazing work on Decayed. Love the composition, colour, and lighting – especially the (artificial?) channel of light that leads the eye up across the subjects. Very well done.

    I did find the manual burning around the second picture to be a bit distracting, though.

  3. Nice !!! How would these not be someone’s cup of tea? Seriously! I cannot understand how they would not be. Tell me.

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