Daily Inspiration #77 by Emily Godwin

Today we have a dreamy image submitted by Emily Godwin. She shot this with her M9 and 50 Summitar! Lovely! Thanks Emily!

“Fairie Escape”

When I switched from a D200 to a Leica M9 (your blog helped convince me), I read somewhere that shooting with a Leica wouldn’t make you a better photographer. I somewhat disagree – while it may not improve my technical skills (exposure, composition, etc.), the “Leica frame of mind” has helped me to become better. This image was shot for a series I’m doing based a dream sequence journey titled Invitation to an Outdoor Dinner Party.

I have a blog at www.ameliephotographie.com/blog and an online portfolio at ameliephotographie.zenfolio.com

Shot with a Leica M9, 50 Summitar, f12, 1/8 sec. PP with Aperture 3 and Nik plugins.


  1. @Rick – thanks for the comment! This site is addictive, and it only gets worse! 😉

    @Pascal – Thanks! I’m usually not a fan of blur either, but I did make an exception on this one.

  2. Per, you said what I thought! The feeling jumps of the screen with this picture.

    Steve, just wanted to say that I’ve now tested positively for stevehuffphoto.com addiction. Is there a support group that can help me? Whenever the info stream on your site slows down, I feel in need for a fix. Just can’t help it. Don’t feel pressured, though, keep doing things at your own pace. I will just need to deal with my problem myself…

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