Cool Links! Saturday, March 27th 2010

I know, I know…I’m late with the links! I have been busy preparing for my trip and also ended up posting that M9/M7 thing yesterday, so better late than never! So without further ado, Here are some links…

Felix Kunz has been in Haiti documenting relief efforts as well as shooting at an orphanage trying to document the good things coming out of the relief efforts. Check out his slideshow which is located at his blog HERE! I was very close to going to Haiti to meet up with Felix but it was not in the cards due to my schedule and timing. But be sure to watch his slideshow. It will give you a look into what is going on in Haiti.

OK Leica loversHow about this? Uggg!

Improve your photo skills and learn about workflow and editing! As many of you know my friend Thorsten Overgaard has been offering a Photography Extension Course for those of you who want to learn photography at your own pace and in your own home on yoru own computer. WIth personalized lessons, assignments and critiques Thorsten has created a great way for us to improve our photo skills. I was just informed a few days ago that he has now added an all new course on workflow and editing. You can check out the new course HERE. For those who are interested in the first course you can see more on that one HERE.

Viewfinder for Iphone. Pretty cool! This app turns your Iphone into a “Photo Visualization Tool” – check it out!

Max Marinucci shot an entire party with the M9 and Noctilux at ISO 2500 and F1. The party was for Haiti relief and Id say the M9 did a great job at high ISO! You can see the shots HERE! I get a few e-mails per week from DSLR shooters telling me the M9 cant do high ISO so this post is ESPECIALLy for you! Thanks Max!

More M9! A touch of M9 in the Bangkok Night!

Now for something totally different but totally cool. How about 30 EXTREME SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHS. Some AMAZING stuff here! Seriously!

Just what will the future hold? Creepy!

OK, we had a sports photography link so how about 44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography?

BTW, B&H Photo has started taking pre-orders for the BLACK M9 again. You can pre-order here. Their online ordering opens back up this evening so it is a good chance for those who want to get in 1st. Be there when their ordering re-opens tonight for the best shot. They ship the orders for the M9 on a first come, first served basis. They have been shipping the M9’s for the past few weeks now. YOU CAN PRE-ORDER HERE.

I thought this was interesting…Downloadable and printable lens hoods? Yep, check out

They say that this is ONE IN A ZILLION

Finally, if anyone is looking for a pretty much brand new in box Leica 35 Summilux ASPH (only 3-4 weeks old and PERFECT in every way) then I am selling one HERE. Lots of other buy/sell ads there as well so check them out!


  1. hey Steve
    Loved your “cool links” especially the sports frames WOW some of the pics there were AMAZING

  2. Thanks, Beau.

    Well, I see BH Photo charged my card. They won’t be back in the shop until April 6th, so we shall see. It hurts to see that large amount of money on my credit card. Ugh!

    I will be selling my minty M8.2 when I get this though.

  3. Did any of the last BH Photo pre-orders get filled? Anyone? Anyone? Or was BH Photo just playing around? Kevin, what happened to your order? Did anyone get their M9 from the last Pre-order?

  4. Regarding Thorsten’s services, he also offers seminars in major cities around the world, which I was pleasantly surprised to discover yesterday. 🙂

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