Daily Inspiration #100 by Christophe Maroye

Made it to #100! Here are a couple of really nice B&W images shot on film with a Leica M6. I’ll let Christophe explain them 🙂

“Hi Steve.

Thanks for your great work ! I read you regulary and i like a lot your “real life” reviews.

I send to you 2 pictures. Each one’s title is the file name..

I shot the  images with a LEICA M6 and i did myself the analog print on ilford multigrade FB and then scanned with an epson V750.


“life is bright”: 50 summicron (last gen) and FP4+ Ilford film (i think f:8)

“jojo the shooter”: 50 summicron (last gen) and tri-x kodak film (i think f:2,8)

thanks again for your great work !

Best regards from France !

Christophe MAROYE





  1. I love both of these shots. Number two has great composition and I really like the feel of the first one. Thanks.

  2. That second one is nice, very nice! Strong composition, though could have used a little more “tension”. The first one is a bit “A day off”, but gloomier.

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