Weekend Links for May 15th 2010

This site can be so freaking random huh? I have been meaning to set a schedule of days with certain posts. Film Friday, Q&A Wed, Monday Links, etc. BUT, I decided to just make it random. When it comes, it comes! So it’s that time again and I have found more links for you guys to enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Just learned that TODAY is the deadline for portfolio submissions for a 2010 MAGNUM membership! If you have what it takes, go get it!

Check out this gorgeous Canon 5DMKII video of ย the Volcano in Iceland, courtesy of PetaPixel.

An open letter to Olympus and Panasonic by Tyson.

Did I post this one already? Old news but still COOL. Polaroid is coming back!

So, how about some links to Flickr to show samples of all of the different types of film (some no longer available)? Thanks to Jean Lemay for submitting these:


Kodak Tri-X (classic grain structure for low-light & action)

Kodak T-Max (Extremely high sharpness)

Fuji Neopan Acros

Agfa Scala

Ilford Delta


Fuji Reala

Fuji Superia

Fuji Velvia (more contrast, more blacks, less dynamic range than Reala)

Agfa Vista


Kodak Ektar



There are some films missing in the list above like my current faves Fuji Pro 400H and Pro 160S. The 160 has been discontinued so get it while you still can at Adorama. B&H is all sold out. I have heard some good things though about some possible NEW films from Fuji. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

The old Judge Joe Brown Wedding Photographer video. Hilarious.

B&H has refurb Nikon D3000 kits…YES, WITH A LENS for $349! THIS IS A STEAL! My son owns this cam and its terrific! $349 with a 18-55, cant go wrong if you are a Nikon fan,

More Leica X1 love!

Some of my images! M8, M9, NYC

The first of the “last” Space Shuttle launches caught on camera!

Adorama has a used Leica Noctilux at $5499 in “E” condition! They also have a used 35 Cron!

My Oly E-PL1 with 14-42 and 17 2.8, LNIB MINT! $649

THE NEW LEICA V-LUX 20 IS IN STOCK AT B&H PHOTO! Also at Adorama. This is a 14.5 MP compact with an incredible 25-300 zoom, built in GPS and HD video. From what I have seen so far this is a pretty nice little compact. $699. Ken Hansen also has them!

Finally, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to be informed of new videos as they are uploaded!


  1. Steve, Thanks for the information. I know about the size difference, but you know how it is. it’s hard to go back in quality when you see what’s coming out in these cameras. But, in order to have a pocket camera, I would have to do this. Something to think about.

  2. “Now, hereโ€™s the down side: the film WILL BE DAMAGED if you take it out of the fridge or freezer and open the can while itโ€™s still cold, exposing it to room air.” – Scott Paris.

    Is that really true? I store all my B&W film in the freezer and I’ve never had a problem when I’ve taken film out and straight into my camera. I’ve heard that the film may develop condensation, but I’ve still yet to find any evidence to prove that’s the case over the 50+ rolls I’ve shot straight out of the freezer.

  3. Elaine, I said the Oly Micro 4/3 camera will give you better files at higher ISO and give you more versatility. Also, you mentioned a P&S camera and the D-Lux 4 is more of a P&S like the S90. The M4/3’s are more like mini DSLR’s IMO.

    They are all good, but if you want smaller than M4/3, IMO, the D-Lux 4 is still a very nice compact. I would choose it over ANY Canon compact that is out today including the S90, G11, etc.


  4. Steve, I thought of the D Lux 4, but you said the Olympus blows that away. LOL! But, the Leica D Lux 4 would blow away the Canon G9? I don’t think the S90 shoots RAW. And Steve said the D-Lux 4 beats it in IQ. Now, Leica camw out with a D-Lux 5, that would be great. Alas, they can’t keep up with the M9 demand. LOL! I like the Vlux camera, but it doesn’t shoot RAW. I’m a real RAW fanatic now.

    Thanks to Scott for explaining the refrigerator process to film. Much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh my. That turned out a LOT longer than I intended. Sorry.

    Also, Freestyle Photo seems to have Reala.

  6. I have some experience with refrigerated film, so here goes:
    Elaine, the film itself will be fine in the fridge, assuming it’s in its plastic cans or foil bags. In my experience, however, eventually something spills or drips or condenses on it, and that makes the boxes nasty. You probably don’t want to put a pickle-juice-soaked film box in your camera bag. So, yes, I put the boxes in a Ziplock and keep them in the vegetable drawer.
    I also have a small, efficient freezer chest in the basement. It was about $200, which seemed like a lot until I added up the value of all the past-dated film that I had thrown away over the years. (It’s probably overkill for folks who are mostly digital, or just starting out with film.) Again, the film will be fine, but the boxes will be damaged by frost, so Ziplocks are a good idea.
    Now, here’s the down side: the film WILL BE DAMAGED if you take it out of the fridge or freezer and open the can while it’s still cold, exposing it to room air. Take out what you think you’re going to use, remove it from the Ziplocks, and arrange it neatly on the kitchen counter with air space between the boxes. (It will warm faster that way.) Now go do something else for a while. From the fridge, I’d say 2 or 3 hours; from the freezer, let it sit overnight. The air that comes in the canisters is dry, so don’t open them until you’re ready to load the film. If you don’t use all the rolls you took out, and you’re not going to use them soon, you can put them right back in the fridge. As long as they’re dry inside, the warming and cooling won’t hurt them a bit.
    Having said all this, it’s not really necessary unless you know you’re not going to use the film before its expiration date. If you have some left when winter closes in, you can always throw it in the freezer then.
    Regarding expiration dates, film manufacturers are guaranteeing that the film will will work as new until that date, so they tend to be pretty conservative. Unrefrigerated black and white film seems to remain usable well past its date, a year anyway, as long as it was more or less at room temperature and not in an attic or a car in summer. Color film, not so much; if it’s more than a couple of months past date, and not refrigerated, it’s not worth the risk.
    Oh, about how long it lasts if refrigerated: I’m not really sure. I’ve used film that was always refrigerated and 2 years past date, and it was fine, but I wouldn’t guarantee that. Frozen film seems to last forever.
    Please note that I have no authority or actual technical expertise whatsoever. I’ve just been doing this for a long time, and it seems to work. If you find something in a Kodak white paper that’s different, you should probably go with them.

  7. The thing about LX3 vs. S90 though, is that LX3 has been around for close to 2yrs, and thats ancient in digital P&S camera years. LX3 still beats S90 in IQ but if I were to get one as a all around P&S, I’d go with the truely *pocketable* S90. Of course if you always have pants/jackets w/ large enough pockets, LX3 would fit too :).


    PS. anyone knows a reliable source where Reala 100 are still available through? I would really hate to have them shipped by an eBay seller from Thailand.

  8. I”ll second Steve’s thoughts on the Panasonic LX3 or Leica D-Lux 4. It may not be a big deal, but this camera also shoots GREAT 720p video. I’ve been doing some youtube videos with my D-LUX4 and have been very impressed with the quality.

  9. @Armanius, Thanks. Had lots of requests to add an Adorama link and just a few weeks ago they started contacting me daily to get me to sign up with them so I finally did it. Thanks


  10. @Steve Huff – glad you got Adorama aboard! Been buying a bunch from them, now I can go through your links.

  11. Guys, I havet to bud in. The Panasonic LX3 or Leica D-Lux 4 DESTROYS the S90 for image quality, video, and build. If i were to go for a small compact today it would be the LX3 or D-Lux 4. The S90 is good but not “great”.

    Film can be stored in the fridge for many years. I have some in mine now ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. @Elaine and Eric – I second the S90 recommendation. Drawbacks are shorter zoom and no HD video. But it has good IQ for a point n shoot. ISO good to 400. Okay at 800. Doable at 1600. I just bought 20 rolls of film and would love to learn about storage too.

  13. @ elaine , have you tried a S90 from Canon, beautiful files for a point and shoot and truly pocket sized atleast for my pockets. Also I would love a reply on how to store film, once I pull the trigger on a new film camera I will be buying film in bulk at BnH and would love to know the best way to store it long term, what do you do Steve ? Ive seen photographers using film that expired in the 80’s that was stored 24/7 in a freezer and the images still turned out pretty good, is this normal from your experiences or does the expiration date really mean something ?

  14. I just raced over to Adorama to buy the Portra 160S film before it’s gone. Now, when I store these in the fridge, how do I do that? Ziplock bags? I don’t want to get condensation on the film.

    I would really love the Leica V-Lux, but it doesn’t shoot RAW. Ugh! What a perfect all-around p&s camera it would be if it did. I’m trying to get a camera that’s better than my Canon G9 but the same in what features it offers. Canon offers RAW, zoom, jpeg, flash, manual, compact size, and macro. I would love something similar but with better IQ capabilities as my all-around P&S camera. The Canon files look yucky past 400 ISO, compared to others I’ve seen. Oh well.

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