Daily Inspiration #114 by Konstantin Mihov

Happy Wednesday! Today’s inspiration comes from an M8 shooter who has some serious talent. Be sure to check out his website, it is well worth a visit! Thanks Konstantin!

“Dear Steve,

Attached are three images as my submission for the month of April.

I took these as part of a VDAY campaign at the university I work for. Each of them is an illustration of one of the monologues to be performed today and tomorrow. There are in total 20 monologues in this year’s performance and each one was illustrated with a photograph capturing the spirit, feeling and emotions of it. The three attached are my favorite from the set. All photos are taken with a M8. From the attached photos two are taken with a Summicron 50 and one is with a VC Heliar 15. Processed in Lightroom with a slip blue tint added.

My blog is http://imperfiction.com

Best wishes,



  1. Love that 3rd shot Konstantin! I love those photos where a person’s first glimpse that a camera is pointed towards him/her gets captured. The light and details are great.

  2. Excellent shots. The quality of the M8 shines through here for sure but I don’t mean to take away from the superb composition as well. The second photograph where you have used the arms and the legs in the background all act as lines, pulling the viewer’s eye toward your subject which connects with the viewer through the eye contact. Some might say that this pulls the viewer into the scene and makes them feel a part of the scene, more than just a witness. The use of perspective is great too as with that wide angle, the space between the people in the background is more at the top than at their feet so causes a bicycle spoke effect, drawing the eye to the middle. Very, very nice.

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