Daily Inspiration #119 by Donn Jones

I always love when you guys send me these film images. They are always so classic and so real. I love the grit, the texture and the moments captured. Today I have a few that were sent in by Donn Jones who shot these back in 1992…here is what he had  to say about them:

Hi Steve,

I’ve been enjoying your site since finding it a few weeks ago. I saw that you’ll be posting a review of the 90 elmarit. I love that lens and have owned a couple of different versions of it over the years. I owned the old chrome version that I purchased with an M3, i then owned the summicron and eventually sold it and purchased the last version which you’re reviewing. I think the 90/2.8 is wonderfully balanced to the M-system. (The summicron was unwieldy). In any case, don’t know if this is interesting to you but I am sending some images i took with that first 90 elmarit & M3 back in 1992 when George Bush Sr. visited the hostile country of Portland, Oregon. None of this necessarily represents my political views. It’s just the way it was.


Donn Jones


P.S. the interview and flag on the ground are a vertical diptych. Also, these are not lense tests images per se, just interesting (I hope!) examples of the older version of this lens. These were shot with fast film in a high acutance developer (i.e. grain is prominent) at a time when I tended to use smaller f-stops than i typically do now.


  1. They weren’t conservative (except probably the Priest). They were from a bus load of students from Eugene who came up to protest GB. They called themselves The Quayle Youth and were mocking his stand on family values.

  2. “Proud to be a virgin – proud to be an American” – makes me shiver! Great shots, though! I wonder what that half-naked guy was thinking …

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