Daily Inspiration #127 by Daryl Toh

The weekend is here, hope everyone gets a chance to get out and shoot. Remember, take those cameras with you  everywhere as you never know what you will find 🙂 Today’s submission is from Daryl Toh. Thanks Daryl!

Hi Steve,

Hope this email finds you well, please find attached a submission for your Daily Inspiration.

I came across your site by chance, I am hardly on the net but during days when i do i usually frequent your site, mostly to update on your reviews. It has become a weekend morning coffee thingie for me now.

Thanks for your time with this email, i hope this meets your specifications. I have been shooting on the streets for almost two years now. It is apparent most people do not like to be photographed by a stranger, i know ’cause i don’t like it too. Almost every face I shoot seem to flee, and sometimes, in their attempts to flee (which is normal and have every rights), they reveal the mystery of something else, at least that’s what i like to think. Sometime ago I began to photograph people on the street with the absense of their facial expression, in hope to reveal whats remain in the picture, in a introspective way.

The idea of this photograph came about when i stumbled upon this sign, i sense the irony of this situation and i knew i had to compose a shot of this setting. The idea of freezing a leg in this photograph was my intention to present the irony in our daily affair, given a fifty-fifty situation yet most of the time we comtemplate further as there’s always so much more at stake. I chose a 5 x 4 over a square format to emphasize that while most are equal, some may not.

28 Summicron ASPH, Leica M8.





  1. I am a Big fan on Daryl Toh. 🙂
    He always has funny idea running inside his mind before he press the shutter! 🙂

    Great work bro!

  2. Edward your image is very nice. good depth… whats the cam+lens.
    Did you crop the image or do perspective correction… the image is more architectural than about the protest.
    Right amount of folks for an archi-shot.
    I would like to see more if you have any to share…

    • I did some perspective correction, but may have got it wrong. The camera was a Leica X1 (still deciding if it’s right for me). It did wind up as an overall cityscape, you’re right. I don’t know that I have anything much worth sharing 🙂 I’m still finding my groove.

    • Thank you so much, indeed the M8 is superb, for me atleast, i do work around its short-comings (some may call it) and it is truly a nice piece of equipment to work with. Yes i am pretty happy how this shot turned out, i looked weird squatting on the floor for that 15 mins waiting for this shot though..

  3. Very interesting concept and photo. I agree a nice collection like this would be a strong statement.

    Re regular camera carrying: I recently committed to taking my camera everywhere with me and was able to catch a family in protest yesterday, so it certainly pays off quickly! Absolutely a must for anyone interested in learning more about photography.

    Image is here if anyone wants to see it (it helps if you know what’s going on in Arizona)- http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4096/4822232351_36932c9eb0_o.jpg

    Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  4. What a very novel thought,,, The idea is so potent… you should start collecting enough and do a book.
    B&W may have a better depth (I feel).

    Cheers and best wishes..

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