New Leica M9 Firmware 1.134 almost here?

As posted on Leica Rumors. It’s already late, so possibly tomorrow?

“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to inform you that we will put a new Firmware-Update 1.134, for the LEICA M9, onto our homepage. The download, which is free of charge, is expected to be available by Thursday July 22nd, 2010. All new LEICA M9 are being shipped with the new firmware as well.

The improvements in the Firmware Version 1.134 are:

Camera Performance

Improved compatibility of SDHC cards. Therefore, we recommend for example the “Extreme III” or “Professional” cards from the leading brands “SanDisk” and “Lexar”.

Improved AWB in conditions with power saving lamps and tungsten light

Bug Fixes

Saving user profiles has been improved (changing from one profile to another has sometimes caused problems)

Warning levels for battery capacity have been optimized

Time display in “American” format corrected

Auto power off bug fixed (camera doesn’t turn off automatically when using the gallery or scrolling through the menu when Auto power off is activated)

We are convinced that the new firmware version will have a positive effect on the great popularity of the LEICA M9, and we are looking forward to your cooperation.”


  1. “As posted on Leica Rumors. It’s already late, so possibly tomorrow?”

    sounds like a quote to me, brother. 😉

    • Never said I did not quote LR, just said I also heard about the new FW from an inside source of MINE. I quoted LR as they posted it first. Blogging etiquette 🙂

      • your comment number 12 contradicts yourself but … that’s cool.

        why would you even quote anything from them? the guy is barely a shooter.

        • No, I said “I Was not JUST quoting LR, I also had inside info”. Meaning, yea, I quoted them but also had inside info of my own. Thanks, sorry for the confusion 🙂

  2. Is the 1.134 firmware available now? I logged on to Leica owners login, it is still showing 1.116.

  3. I wonder how long it will take Leica to release the first firmware update for the X1… :/

  4. Cool update, Leica. The one major unresolved issue is EXIF formats for lens info when imported into Apple Aperture. Probably works great on Adobe’s Lightroom, but doesn’t work at all on Aperture.

    • Tony, there ain’t no issue, not in the M9 firmware, and also not in Aperture, which reads and displays the correct fields; if you’d like to propagate those, you can use EXIFtool to copy the relevant MakerNotes fields into the LensID tags etc.; Adobe just reads the MakerNotes.

  5. Steve,
    I was told a card reader is needed for the update, while someone else said that the camera can be plugged into the computer and you can drop the update on to the camera, like it was an external drive. Whats the deal?

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