Daily Inspiration #139 by Bob Boyd

It’s lazy Sunday for me..so all you guys get today is this Daily Inspiration..but hey, it’s a good one! Thanks Bob, enjoy the M8!!

“Hey Steve,

Hope this email finds you well. My wife and I took a walk around downtown Houston one Friday night after a date and I snapped some pics with my (new-to-me) M8 and 35mm Summicron ASPH. I picked up my M8 this summer (my first rangefinder) and I find that the Leica makes me shoot differently than my Canon 1D MkIV (which I love for different reasons.)

Just thought I’d share some pics!

all the best,

Bob Boyd



  1. Thanks so much for the feedback everyone. I’m really enjoying discovering the world of the RF and how it makes you consider the shot. Thanks for taking a minute to leave a comment!

  2. Spontaneity and Wonder shows through the images,
    A happy man with his camera makes the world a better place.

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