Daily Inspiration #140 by Chad Tobin

A great DI for today…ENJOY! Steve…

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to submit an entry in the Daily Inspiration on your website. You were a major help in my journey to get an M8 and into the world of Leica.

I had a chance to spend the afternoon with Robert Frank this past weekend and the experience was nothing short of amazing.

He was gracious and welcoming and had wonderful stories. I brought along a copy of the Americans expanded edition and as he went through it he smiled and reminisced about some of those moments. He talked about rangefinder photography and how it just seemed to “fit” him. He played with my Leica M8 and was amazed to find that it felt similar to his M6. When I asked him what he thought about digital photography he replied “Its great, a camera is a camera its what you do with it.”

I cannot even put into words what it was like to spend time with one of the world’s most influential photographers. I got to take a quick portrait of him before leaving and as I went to my car he told me to “Keep looking……keep making photographs.”

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Photo info: Leica M8u with 35mm 1.4 CV mc at 500th of a sec at 320 iso. At 1.4.


Chad Tobin


  1. Hey Chad,
    Meeting Robert Frank must have been amazing. His show at the Metropolitan Museum, here in NYC, this year was incredible. I found that his pictures taken in the US (compared to Europe) had a sympathetic view of the troubles Americans faced in the mid 1900s. Overall I got the sense that he was a curious person, who decided to put a camera between his senses and his travels. In the end, the images, and I imagine the man, were a treat to experience.

  2. What a legend. Please tell us more about what he said! Where is he now, what is he doing? Is he still taking photographs? Really keen to know more!

  3. Wow. Robert Frank. That’s just amazing. Oh, of course Robert Frank loves Leica. His initials are RF. LOL! That must have been a wonderful experience.

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