Daily Inspiration #144 by Reza Rostampisheh

Hey guys! Here is a great Daily Inspiration from Reza Rostampisheh who sends these images from Iran. He shot with an Olympus E-P2 and kit zoom. Goes to show once again how great that little camera is! Enjoy! – Steve

Dear Steve,

My name is Reza and I live in Iran, I came across to your website during reading reviews on EP-2, cannot deny that your through review left me with no choice but buying the camera, and since then I’m a regular visitor.

I started photography with my Dad’s old Nikon F2s in my teenage years and had the chance to enjoy the Nikon 55mm F1.2. Then I fell in love with the Leica Digilux 1 and continued shooting pictures as a hobby since 2002. I still love my Digilux but I had to move on and step into DSLR and develop my skills, the M4/3 format gave me the chance to benefit from my old Nikon MF lenses using a Nikon G adapter. Anyhow here are some recent shots I took during a one day trip to Dizin Ski Resort near Tehran. Hope you find them interesting enough to put in the daily inspiration.

All pictures taken with E-P2 and 14-42mm Kit lens and processed in Lightroom.

My photoblog is http://rezarp.wordpress.com


  1. Well, I’m really flattered. Thanks for all the nice words and comments, Thanks to Steve who gave me the chance to be part of the amazing daily inspiration section on his web site.

  2. Great pics!! Do you think that an E- PL1 could be as good as a E-P2 to start with this new format? Same kit of course.

  3. Wow. Like all 3 pics. Could you tell us something about your Lightroom processing? I am very interested, because I use the E-P1. Do you change often camera settings like picture mode, sharpness, contrast, gradation or saturation? Or RAW from the cam and then a lot of LR processing?
    Enjoyed your Blog. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for the nice words, about the PP, usually I don’t change any camera settings and just take the Raw into Lightroom. For me It’s all about the colors, saturation and luminosity, tonal curves are a great tool to process shadows/highlights. for the above pictures I didn’t do any spot edit. The more you learn about digital colors and channels the more you can benefit from post edit tools.

      • Thank you for your answer. The possibilities of LR & Aperture are confusing. So far I tried only presets and played with some of the controllers. I have to train the use of those controllers. It is difficult not to go over the top.
        By the way did you learn editing by a book, seminar or just trial and error?

        • Actually I have a background in graphic & web Design and during those years I learned a lot about color editing and Channels in PS, it’s not rocket science πŸ˜‰ try finding some books on how digital pictures are constructed.

  4. You have to wonder why the images here attract a lot less posters than on some other contributions on this blog. It’s the old apparatus vs images battle I guess (in which I participate every now and then…).

    These images are, in my view, what photography is all about, regardless of equipment.

    • If you’d said they were shot on an M9 with a 35 Summilux ASPH these pictures would have 90 comments by now.

      I wonder if it isn’t all about consumerism and brand worship, as opposed to photography.

      • I thought these were amazing photos and goes to show you do not need a Leica to get really great photographs. I love the little Oly’s but these also show the skill of the photographer. Great great images here! On the other hand, most Daily Inspiration posts get only a few comments. This one has had 17 so far.

  5. beautiful images, All 3 are fantastic.
    classy and full of character. There is so much texture in all 3 images.
    wish you had included a few more.

  6. These shots are beautiful! I recognize the E-P2 “signature”. I sold mine last week πŸ™

    Thanks for submitting these!

      • Hi Elaine! I liked it, a lot, though I had some “ergonomics” quibbles with it.

        I sold it mostly because I wanted to rationalize my array of cameras; it’s just the D700 with three Zeiss primes and the FM2 with a few old Nikkor Ai-s primes now. I shoot mostly with the D700, treating it as a small and portable camera. I love that camera; it’s such a good piece of kit!

        On my Facebook page you’ll see what I’m doing with it, every now and then.

  7. πŸ™‚ … love the third one really, and his homepage too! ItΒ΄s a pity I had to sell my M4/3 …

    Best wishes, George

  8. Great photos. I really like the last one as a single shot but the set of all three tells a great story about the landscape, the people, and what they do.

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