Daily Inspiration #148 By Pete Willing

Here is a cool Daily Inspiration as these were shot with a cel phone! Pete Willing sent these over and I really enjoyed them. You can check out his cool blog, the 37th frame HERE.

Just when you think you hit a slump along comes some fun. I don’t own an ipod but I just purchased tmobiles new Samsung vibrant (android). and tried out there photo app called Retro camera. Just wanted to show you a few flicks….not too bad…but even more fun to use. It offers 4 oldie cameras to shoot with, each with its own character and settings.

Thanks guys for taking a peek…take care



  1. Pete,
    These are fantastic. Once again proves that the gear matters less, while the photographer and their creative muse means most. Wonderful stuff. The windmill shot stands out as my fav, but all are excellent. Great stuff, Pete!

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