Daily Inspiration #160 by Scott Kinsel

Knowing how you like to photograph your own children, I had to submit these photos. I am truly an amateur photographer and recently made the switch from a chunky Digital SLR to the Oly E-PL2 with a prime lens. While there are limitations, I couldn’t be happier with the photos I’ve been able to capture with this little gem. As you can probably fully appreciate, my biggest obstacle is finding something more fascinating to photograph than my own children!


Oly E-PL2

1/1250 sec at f / 1.7, ISO 200

20mm (Lumix G20)

Adobe Lightroom (Holga – Kodak T-Max preset)


Oly E-PL2

1/1600 sec at f / 1.7, ISO 200

20mm (Lumix G20)

Adobe Lightroom (Color Creative – Color CP2 preset)


— Scott


  1. Love taking photos of my Kids as well! Imho, they’re the best models for any portrait shoot. Sincere, unadulterated emotions always come out.

    Both photos are great. I particularly like the 1st one. Such innocence! Well done, Man!

  2. Apologies, Richard, didn’t realize I forgot to include it.


    Just in cases Steve has rules that prohibit the loading of personal URLs in his blog, you shouldbe able to see my flickr account in my profile. That’ll bring you to the main page and you can find from there. Alternatively, just go to flickr and search for the names of the various cameras that your wife is interested in. All the pics will pop up. That’ll give her a good idea πŸ™‚

  3. Great shots, the second image reminds me of my iPhone with the Plastic Bullet app I so love, children are gems, pity there was no digital when my kids were growing, however . . . I am now going to go back and scan film prints of my own. Film gave me great blur πŸ™‚

  4. Love the kid and the photos…in roughly that order!

    But do you mean the E-PL1 or the E-P2?
    I don’t think there is an E-PL2 yet…or are you the first?!


  5. Nice portraits Scott, I like #1 because that’s an effect I’ve not been able to achieve so far.

    Steve SFO,
    I too made the switch from a Canon 40D to a Olympus Pen EPL-1 recently. Thoughts so far:
    1) The Oly is a fun camera with serious camera capabilities. I’ve shot with it using its kit lens and leica lens and have found that in terms of image quality, it’s comparable to the 40D;
    2) it’s more a fun camera and because of that, my subjects (family included) are more relaxed when posing for me in public. With a 40D, they are more shy in public;
    3) the size and weight is a great plus. I went to Universal Studio in Singapore yesterday and actually hung an EPL-1 with kit lens plus my Leica M6 with a 35mm summicron round my neck the whole day without feeling tired. I couldn’t have done that with my 40D and tamorn zoom lens. In case you think I’m nuts, my son was supposed to be using the EPL-1 but was too busy with the rides to take pics so;
    4) speaking of sons, my sons use my EPL-1 a fair bit. It’s something they can handle at 10, not so for my canon 40D

    I’ve included the URL to my set on flickr that was shot using the EPL-1 and Leica lens. I think you’ll agree that the quality of the pics didn’t suffer from the switch. They didn’t improve either, but that’s because of the photgrapher. not the kit πŸ™‚

    • Daniel:
      Thanks for the input. What you expressed is similar to others who made the move from a DSLR to another format – rangefinder or micro 4/3.

      I am so surprised but now understand how there are some who are so fixed on one format and can’t wait to blast away anything different.

      You are 100% right…at the end of the day… it’s the photographer.

  6. Thanks for all the kind words. I was very surprised this morning when I cracked open the laptop and saw my photos on the site.

    Steve – I love the Oly. Although I can’t explain why, the pictures have more character than those I shot with my dSLR. Because of the size I find myself taking it everywhere.

    Thanks again everybody. Have a great weekend.

    — Scott

  7. Awesome photos!!! My thoughts about the pictures have nothing to do with the fact that Scott is my son and Max is my grandson!!

  8. Amazing photographs . cant decide which one is better . I guess I’ll go with the 2nd one . Thats the typical look my son also gives me and my heart just melts .

    I would say that in these photos , it is clearly the camera ( or the person behind ) is in love with the subject .

    Two Thumbs Up .

  9. Awesome!!!!! I love your pics and I too think the greatest subjects are our kids. Sitting still and in focus or running around like….well, like kids and out of focus, it doesn’t matter, kid pics are great!


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