Daily Inspiration #161 by Daniel Oswald

Hey Steve,

This is Daniel. We wrote a couple of emails a few month ago, you posted my blog (www.m9diary.com) on your site (which made me very happy ;-)….now I am back from an awesome surf trip to the Maldives. If you here Maldives you would think of superb weahter, quite beaches and luxurious resorts…. I kind of experienced Maldives in a different mood which was even more beautiful for me… we had amazing waves to surf, cloudy and misty skies which made the turquoise water look even richer and we met people on rural islands that were totally not involved in the tourism… …long story short.. I have picked a couple of images that I want to share with you as I quite enjoyed taking them.. for more Maldives pics please check my blog www.m9diary.com

Greetings from Bavaria!



  1. hi Daniel,
    thanks for sharing your photos – there are some lovely evocative and moody images on your blog. Can you tell me what you use to get your black and white? They look great.
    Also, are you tempted to straighten up the horizon in some of the shots on the water? Just wondering if that’s a deliberate choice.
    thanks again for sharing.

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