Daily Inspiration #162 by Fredrick Laitinen

hi Steve,my name is Fredrik Laitinen and i live in Sweden,i have been takin Photos on and off for many years. I like photos of people. The cameras through the years are Canon 1000fn and Nikon F3 and D50 and D80 all theese are sold,Nikon F70(that i still own) and now after reading your reviews a Panasonic GF-1 with 20mm 1,7 and of course my grandfathers Minolta xg-2. The photo Lowe was taken after his aunt had cut his hair,he wasn’t so happy about it. The other two was taken on a concert were many bands were invited,the idea came from two younger guys who not very often got any gigs,so they arrange a multibandconcert so that they could play live in front of audience.The price for the ticket was 3$ and if 25 people came the didn’t have to pay anything from there own pockets. on all the photos i was using Gf-1.

Kind regards Fredrik


  1. I like this set, Frederick. Well captured photos, especially 1 and 2.
    Do you mind sharing the post-processing you applied to 1 and 2, any filters used? I particularly like the atmosphere in 2, with the band waiting in the back stage before getting on scene.
    Well done.

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