Fun Friday Links and Used Deals 11/12/10

The links are back! It’s been a while since I posted some but I found a load of them for todays post so here you go….

The New Forum! Register and Participate!

As many of you know on November 1st I opened a forum on this site for you guys to discuss everything photographic! Be sure to check them out HERE and then register and post! With your participation it can be a success and a place where we can hang out and talk about photography in a civilized, fun and useful way 🙂

You can register for this site in the upper right hand side at any time. Your e-mail remains private and is NEVER EVER used for anything. I will never send e-mails, never sell e-mails and actually, I do not even look or store them. So when you register for this site you will never get spam or newsletters, etc. Enjoy!


101 Photos taken with the lens Detached – interesting!

M9 Info EXIF reader

Yet another M9 review that I stumbled upon

Leica Spotting – for those who never saw this, it can be a fun and interesting read.

Some great Iphoneography!

Very cool little App for your Iphone – IExposure

Some guy created an interesting Leica concept camera…

This guy had a very cool Halloween costume…

Measure your heart rate with your Iphone 4

The First ever photograph of a Human Being

More Iphone 4 – The Glif tripod and stand...seems like some are getting serious with the Iphone 4 as a camera and HD video tool

WIll be reviewing this in the next few days (JUST got one today!) but looks VERY cool and the price is right – The 35 1.7 SLR Magic lens for the Sony NEX 3 and 5..

A history of Stop Motion presented in Stop Motion!


Not sure if there are any HiFi/Audio nuts out there but I am selling my personal home audio high end speakers at a HUGE discount – They are Sonus Faber Guarneri Mementos at less than half the price of new, and mint+! Check them out here…



WOWfor those wanting to get into Micro 4/3, you can now pick up an Olympus E-P1 with lens for $369 – refurbished.

USED Olympus 17mm Pancake lens for M4/3

A CLASSIC OM1N – Shoot some film!


No picture yet but B&H Photo just listed this black paint Leica M4….

Also…here is a Leica 35 Summicron for $999

ANOTHER nice looking Leica M4 for $999

A nice Leica M8 in black…

LEICA 50 2.8 ELMAR for sale…$499

A Really OLD 50 Summicron Collapsible

All used Leica lenses at B&H Photo

B&H DID HAVE some of the new Leica 35 Lux in stock yesterdayhere is the link to keep an eye on it…



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