Daily Inspiration #171 by Nick Williams

I thought this was a great image for the daily inspiration but Nick didnt sent too much info or any story. Still, the image stands on its own IMO. Enjoy! – Steve

-Island of Lifou.

-Leica MP

-35mm Cron

-Provia 100f converted in LR


  1. Thanks guys, and thankyou Steve.
    I actually did write a description, but at the last minute thought I was babbling so short and sweet seem more appropriate.

    I can tell you I was neck deep in salt water with gasps of horror from watchers who sported 1Dmk4s and 5D’s. Got to love the Leica MP.
    It probably would have died just as easily had I gone under but the thought of no mother board or sensor, battery etc makes for a little more daring behavior.

  2. grrrrrreat…
    i think, the picture not really need more discriptions or a story.

    greetings from the other end of the world
    roman t.

    (sry for my bad english)

  3. Great moment. It looks like that the little boy hovers in the air. Posture and alignment are great. One foot straight down, the other one pointing into the direction of the bridge. Great shot. I am not a big fan of the “people jumping from a bridge” theme, because it has been done so often in repetitive ways but this one works well for me because of its simplicity.

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