Daily Inspiration #179 by Ramsey Railsback


I have been a fan of your site for the past few months and read everything you have written about the Leica M9. I have my big EOS1ds bodies but I find my self not wanting to drag them around, the things are beasts. I wanted a camera that had the IQ of my DSLR but portable. I tried various point-n-shoot cameras but was never happy with any of them. I finally broke down and purchased a M9 along with a couple of lenses. The 28mm f/2.8 Elmarit and the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1. I would have loved one of the Summilux lenses but a little out of my price range. I went out to a local factory that is in ruins and shot a few frames. I absolutely love the Voigtlander lens it’s tack sharp even wide open and the out of focus areas are just “dreamy”. The image quality I get out of this camera is as good as if not better than my 1ds and it fits in a tiny camera bag and doesn’t make my arm and shoulder go numb from the weight. I have included a few images from my recent outing. I also have a photoblog www.mindlesspixels.com that I update as often as I can. I can see me updating it quite often now that I have a camera I can and love to carry around.


Ramsey Railsback

I know I was supposed to send only three images but this camera takes such great pictures I couldn’t choose.


  1. Hey Ramsey,

    The tones and hues in images 4 are really great. Considering its just a photo of bricks, you really brought the picture together well. Has an Edward Hopper (painter) feeling to it.

    @Fraser, go for it!


  2. I should really stop coming to this site. Photos like these are going to tempt me into bankrupcy at some point!

    • you can get similar results with a lot of cameras, that are much less expensive, he just picked the M9.

  3. I love the simple geometric composition of no.1 and the light beams on no.4 are excellent!!! Well done. Great series!

  4. There really is something about the colour, and texture. Nice. Numbers four and five show off the strengths of the camera and lens combination.

  5. I enjoyed your photos. and journey ..
    I have followed the same path as yourself from Canon 5DMKII and much L glass to M9 and 28 Elmarit 2.8 Voightlander 50mm Nokton 1.1 and Summicron 35mm.
    Still waiting on Summilux 50mm F1.4 ASPH ….. could take some time.
    I have enjoyed not carrying all the weight around and on a recent trip to Egypt found the camera was awesome.

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