Some great posts of 2010 – A Year In (Quick) Review

Some great posts from 2010, year in review

By Steve Huff

2010 FLEW by for me and while it had its ups, it also  had its downs. One thing is for certain… there were some AWESOME posts in 2010! The past year also brought the new forums , the free buy/sell section , and even a new super fast dedicated server for the site 🙂 Even the Leica M9 image database is still up and running! There were photographer interviews, loads of informative guest articles and tons of discussion on all of it.

2010 brought me some cool photo opportunities. I made it in to Pbase magazine with a story on my old homeless project, I made it in to the Seal tour book and also had my European Seal tour images included with the new Seal CD Commitment for the deluxe LP version on Itunes. The TV brand Vizio is using one of my images on their boxes soon and I have been interviewed by several web sites and a couple of old fashioned newspapers. I shot a few weddings in 2010 and even held the first meetup in NYC, selling it out with 21 people attending.

All in all it was a GREAT year and while 2010 was the year in which my 15 year marriage ended I feel like it was also a new beginning for me and feel blessed that all of you come here every day. This site has become my life…my baby. I love it!

With that said, here are some of the hottest articles that were posted in 2010. You may have seen them all, but maybe you missed one so here they are! Enjoy!


My 1st Featured Photographer Interview with 18 year old Leica M8 Shooter Megan Baker – (She is trying to get to 1000 twitter followers and needs 200 more. If  you want to follow her on twitter you can do so HERE)

Another great interview was my Shelby Lee Adams piece. Controversial or not, I Love his work.

Ashwin Rao has submitted many great articles to date and this one was one of my faves. All about his Leica M9 and his travels. A must see!

My trip down memory lane with my Leica Digilux 2!

Amy Medina told us why she takes pictures EVERY DAY

My Leica S2 review was posted last year..what a camera..

Taking road trips…a great way to get motivated!

Film is NOT dead! My Leica MP review…what a camera. Also the new Fuji Medium Format GF670 was reviewed.

Low speed film with fast lenses. A great post by Max Marinucci!

My Seal European tour experience – Day 1 & 2, Day 3 , Day 4 & 5

Is the Leica M8 right for you? Even more from the Leica M8. EVEN MORE!

Images from most who attended the NYC meetup!

My Pentax K7 review was read by MANY (The K5 review by MONDAY, PROMISE!)

There were so many more great articles but these were some of the hottest and most viewed. Looking forward to many more in 2011!

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  1. Hahaha, as per what efix said. 🙂 Thanks Steve, but you and your excellent guest writers have also cost me a whole lot of money too. It’s got to the state now where I am having to sell ALL my non Leica gear to buy some better lenses and re-buy an M8 because I miss it so much. Again, many thanks Steve because you have opened up the minds of so many people that smaller, simpler, lighter is so much better and for so many Leica is the ultimate solution.

  2. Steve, thanks for all the work and passion you put into this site in 2010 – despite the fact that it was a rough year for you personally. Your site is my absolute favourite website of all times, and all the stuff here has been a great inspiration for me in many ways. Heck, you got me into spending an awful lot of money into an M8 and several lenses, but it was sure worth it! I learned a lot about photography here, and I am very proud and honoured to have been able to contribute to your site with my own articles – thanks again for publishing them.

    I’m looking forward to 2011, hoping to learn even more, to find more inspiration, and to see more great pictures and read more great articles. All the best to you, Steve, and here’s to a great 2011! 🙂

  3. I agree with the first two comments. Loved all the stories about the shooters, their lives and what motivates them to do the great things they do, their trips and stories. You can only go so far with a camera, after that it’s all you baby!

    Thanks for all your hard work Steve. This site has become a haven of sorts for me to come to after a long day or when I just want to unwind from things. You wear your craft on your sleeve and don’t have a problem saying what and how you really feel, and I really love that.

    So stay focused and don’t lose your sight of why you’re doing this. It’s not for the money, not for the glory, recognitions or awards (all that is icing on the cake), but for the pure enjoyment of simply doing somethink you love and adore. Looking forward to another great year.

  4. Loved the Megan Baker interview, you need to do more interviews like that, reviews are good and fine but real photography is about the person behind the camera. Id rather know why someone took a photo then what lens, camera, tripod, or strobe they used.

    • Eric, you said it well… I also loved the Megan Baker story, what a talent at age 18, eh? Steve, thanks for bringing us back with these posts, reasons we come here to visit you. I know 2011 will be one incredible year!

      Steve Huff’s site it just a wonderful place to be, big time!


    • Yeah, I’d forgotten that one Eric. It was good, be great for her to do another piece if she could. I felt really sorry for her at the time though, she got some quite unfair criticism about her work I thought. Well, I can still see about half those pictures in my mind without even looking the article up so that should say something about their quality. 😉

    • I agree. I’m much more interested in the reason ‘why’ the image was taken than the technical details, although they are essential when trying to understand the baehaviour of your maera and lenses. This is especially true when we come to the more ‘creative’ imagery. Understanding the back story to a unique image is always more compelling than the technology used to create it. Don’t you think?


  5. Very cool, there are a few there that I definitely want to go back and read. And please, more photographer interviews!! I loved the Shelby Lee Adams piece, and can’t wait to read more. I’d even volunteer to help conduct interviews since I know this site keeps you so busy. I think the interviews are a fascinating way to learn more about what makes some of these great artists “tick.”

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