Daily Inspiration #186 by Miroslav Mosko

Hi Steve,

First, I really enjoy your site and your taste for photography. Well, the reason is we share the same view.

My name is Miroslav, live in little state called Slovakia in Europe. I am passionate photographer almost 10 years, started taking pictures with friends old Practica with 50mm Zeiss lens. I enjoy to take pictures of people, cos I cant photography „dead“ things.

Here in Slovakia there is a winter now, but few present days were very hot, like 12 centigrade. Near Bratislava, there is a nice place called Ivanka pri Dunaji, where we like to go with my friend Edit and her dog Lemon. These pictures were made during one of this nice days, simple and earnest – thats the way I like it. And I hope, you will like it to.

Camera: Nikon D300s

Lens: Nikkor 35/1.8 DX

Raw proccesed in ACR.

My best wishes Steve!

Miroslav Mosko


  1. Edit is no lemon, that’s for sure!
    Please give her my regards.
    Very warm pictures, my compliments.

  2. Very nice photos. There is something special about winter. I stay in a tropical country so there’s no way that I could capture these shots.

  3. Thank you so much for all your nice words. I am really glad, you like my pics. And Steve, thank you again for choicing them as Daily Inspiration.

    My best wishes to all.


  4. Today wasn’t one of the nice ones here in wintery Pa, but these were like a gift of pure sunshine. Great moments, great friends, great photos capturing it all to share. Thanks, Miroslav. Hope to see more in the future. Smiles all around these.


  5. Great photos of your friend and dog! The third photo (DSC_0977) the one with the green field and sunlight is just amazing!! Love the angle you photographed it at too! That canted angle and your friend walking on uneasy ground – sure creates an amazing result!! Nice artwork!!

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