Some Tuesday Cool Links! 01/25/11

Cool Links for Tuesday 01/25/11

Haven’t done a cool links post in a while and today I came across a VERY cool link that had me sit here for 30 minutes going through each photo and reading the text. You must see this moving, emotional, and very touching tribute in words and photos from a Son to his Father.

If you know Spanish you can read this interview with ME on the cool photo blog!

A response to “A Better Camera” by Wouter Brandsma

How about some Leica dial laptop stickers for ย your Macbook Pro?

My buddy Yanidel has posted a cool article at his blog called 13 ways to shoot candids. I am a huge fan of his photography and street shooting style so be sure and check it out!

I just ordered one so I could review it! Yep, B&H Photo just posted as IN STOCK the Olympus E-PL2 which IMO looks like an even better camera than the E-PL1 for its body shape, better LCD, jog dial on the back, 1/4000s capabilities and in black it looks sleek and stylish. GET IT NOW IF YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT AS THEY WILL SELL OUT QUICK!

A great Leica M9 review by Otto Shulze who happens to be an amazing photographer. Always nice to see the M9 get more love.

Creating a 100 Megapixel image with a Leica M8!

How about the Fuji X100 Viewfinder demo video? If you have not yet seen it, check it out below!

and while I mentioned her story before, the Vivian Meyer story just keeps getting better and better. Watch the video below for the full story and visit the blog for more. Some amazing photos have been discovered.

A year or two ago I came across these photos of old abandoned buildings in Detroit Michigan. When I lived in Ill I planned to drive to Detroit to start a personal project on my own, taking photos of the hundreds of abandoned houses and buildings but I moved and never had the chance. A reader sent me this link which is very interesting to look at and happens to be the same photos I saw a year or two ago that inspired me to want to get out and shoot some of these locations myself.

A comparison between the late and great Kodachrome and a Digital file ๐Ÿ™‚ – I may have posted this before…

Som AMAZING examples of winter photography! Incredible images here!

Collectible Cameras has a DEMO Black M9 for $6495 – These usually come with full warranty. If you order tell them I sent you!

B&H Photo has a nice black used M8 for sale if the M9 is out of your budget!

WIN THE M9! ย Don’t forget to enter the M9 contest here on this site! The deadline of Fen 05th is approaching fast so be sure to send in your entry after reading the full rules HERE. I am approaching 250 entries so far!

And finally…I started a facebook “fan” page because I was told my personal page was in jeopardy of being shut down because I was using it to post links to this site. SO, my new fan page is up and I have had over 1100 of you “like” it within a weeks time. WHat is cool is I decided to start a monthly contest for my facebook followers! Starting March 1st 2011 I will be giving away one prize every month to one random facebook fan who follows my facebook page HERE. Every first of the month the winner will be posted on the facebook page along with the prize! Fun fun fun. Also, don’t forget that if you win the Leica M9 contest AND are following my facebook page you will automatically be sent the Leica 50 Summitar lens with the M9!

I will have reviews soon of the Olympus E-PL2 as well as more on the Panasonic GH2 by Amy Medina and a really cool Ashwin Rao article on pimping out your Leica M9! Also, I should be able to get my hands on a Fuji X100 sooner rather than later (thanks to a reader of this site) for a nice un-boxing and first look review. If Fuji would send me one to review it would be much sooner ๐Ÿ™‚ Hint Hint…

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  1. Awesome story about Vivian Meyer. I may fly up to Chicago just for that. Some amazing photos on the video. But as always, it’s the human story that always makes things even more captivating.

    • Not one single shot has come out of the fuji x100 yet… despite all dummies and mockups so far presented to wet our appetites. Dlux-5 is a different class with its smaller sensor. A more interesting question in the future would be: Fuji x100 vs. Leica X1.

  2. Thanks Steve! I appreciate the link on Last Kodachrome Christmas. Things I noted in particular was the film’s apparent ability to better capture reds, details and saturation than the digital. However, this has been a mixed bag of sorts – Nikkormat vs. Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III? I think established photogs would tend to stick with one lens system and upgrade their bodies.

    That said, have you done or are planning to do a Leica (or a single brand) film vs. digital comparison emphasizing the strenghts & weaknesses of each? Say the M7 using Velvia, Ektar 100, Portra 400 (or other popular films) vs. the M9 for scenes similarly featured in the LKC bit? Although some may say the argument or discussions have been overdone, I think this sort of comparison continually needs to be looked at as new cameras & films arise on the scene.

  3. Thanks Steve for the link to the Chicao Tonight video regarding Vivian Maier!! I went to her show with my family at the Chicago Cultural Center and hope all forum members who are Midwestern can make it to the show! It runs through 4/3/11. They even have her M3 on display which was really neat to see in person. Thanks for continually bringing her into the forefront! I met a guy from NY at the show who took an 18 hour bus ride to see it opening weekend!! She is becoming such a legend!

  4. Looking forward to your unboxing and first look of the X100! I assume you’ve seen the DPReviews first look of the camera? . It sounds quite promising when it comes to build quality etc.

    And the norwegian hands-on with sample images . Not the most brilliant photographs, but still, it’s something. And of course those are just jpegs from a non-final version of the camera.

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