A funny thing happened on the way to the M9 winner :)

Ahhh, contests. You gotta love ’em. Especially contests that are posted on blogs and forums. When I was approached by Seal who wanted to donate his Leica M9 to this site to give away to one lucky reader, I went through a few emotions. First, I was excited. Then, when we discussed having a photo contest I was a bit… “Uh Oh”….

Why? Well I knew that no matter what that it would be popular. I also knew that with a prize of this caliber that there would be those who strongly disagreed with the top 10 or 15 that I would choose for the finals, and I also knew there would be whiners and haters commenting and talking a bunch of BS (Bullshit). Even though I do not pick the final winner I knew this!

This is why I posted this on the finalists page before I posted ANY of the finalists:

“The decisions made here are final and as with every contest I have held or participated in,not everyone will agree with MY choices. BUT, I have gone over each and every one of these submissions to make sure I did not miss anything. I did this three times and every time I came back to the 15 that you will see on this page. These submissions are the creme of the crop and all of them completed the objective which was to create a photo narrative with TWO photos..basically, to tell a story. Yea, it was tough to do with only two shots but these finalists all did it! So please, no rude comments, none of the “my entry was better” comments and no bitterness! Besides, we may be planning a few more contests to keep everyone motivated and full of passion!”

The finalists were then posted and there were the usual complaints which I expected. Critiquing was there which is a good thing, but the whining and complaining by a few posters was completely unnecessary. FACT: The contest is on my web site and the rules stated that I would pick the finalists. Plain and simple. It is what it is. Accept it.

So just as I guessed by the third day the whiners and haters were in full force. I also noticed it was really only 2-3 rude individuals. One guy had a problem with Amy Medina’s “Saying Goodbye” saying it was in bad taste. He seemed offended that she took one of the shots in a graveyard. Then there was the complaining saying her shots were posed. Umm, of course they were. Who says telling a story via photos can’t be planned out shots? I sure didn’t. Others called it exploitive. Nonsense. It’s a series that is poignant and she did a great job telling her story with her two photos.

A few of you seemed to think that this was some sort of magnum caliber pro photography contest to be judged on perfect composition, light and image quality. WRONG! Anyone who read the contest details would know that it was a contest for ANYONE ,using ANY camera, and of ANY skill level. The only goal was to tell a story with TWO photos. ALL of the finalists did just that and if you can’t figure out the stories then you should probably study the photos a bit more. Everyone may interpret them differently but to leave comments talking smack saying they are garbage photos, that is just wrong. I found it funny that those talking the smack did not even enter, so that says it all right there. Typical.

I guess it is just not possible for some people to accept the decisions made for some odd reason. One guy (the same guy moaning about Amy’s shots I believe) seemed to want me  to remove Megan Bakers submission because she used photoshop and used old photos of children in her own photo to tell her story. He commented “Be a man and do the right thing”. Hmmm, how about  you be a man and accept she is a finalist? I am floored by the nerve of some people sometimes.

Megan created the story for her submission called “A Solitary Game”. I liked it, and everyone I showed it to REALLY enjoyed it and put it in their top picks out of 50 or so. She shot her images in the time frame and submitted them. She even asked me up front if she could take images of old photos and use them in her photo and I said YES. Done and Done.

Again, for the few who keep telling me I “broke the rules” by allowing Megans photo, no I did not.

Feel free to read the rules again on the contest page. Megan shot her images within the time frame. She even shot the images of the children from an old photo in the time frame by traveling to antique stores. She drove 200 miles for the location and put in hours of work. Megan sent me an email after all of  this nonsense letting me know the details and she probably put more work in to her set than any of the finalists. No rules were broken. To those who say they were please point out the rule she broke. Her image tells a CLEAR story…do you see the red string in the girls hand? Anyway..moving on…

There was also a disqualification today and it was 100% due to an oversight of the guy who entered. He shot on film so there was no EXIF and he somehow didn’t see the rules that said the pictures had to be shot between Jan 05th and Feb 05th 2011. I hated to drop his as I loved his work but he shot them a year ago. Was an honest mistake and he already posted about it in the comments.

For some reason there are others who feel their submissions were way better than the ones posted but when I go back to look at them I scratch my head and wonder why they think that. Bottom line is this. The final choices are the final choices. The top 15 will be looked over carefully by Heidi and Rankin and THEY will pick the winner. Any rude comments about the final winner will be moderated and removed. Time for the childish BS to stop because on my site I usually do not put up with it and won’t.

On the other hand, 90% of the comments were civil and spot on. It really was only 2-3 people causing trouble, and no Elaine, I do not think you were one of them 🙂

So in just a few hours the remaining 10 sets will be posted and it will be up to YOU to select the top 3. They are 10 great submissions so vote away and please…no bitching and moaning about them as it will serve no purpose. All decisions are FINAL.

One lucky winner will walk away with the M9 and believe me, whoever that person is will have won it fair and square.


  1. I think you and Seal did a gret job getting a group of photographers to open their mnds and try to win this camera. Wonderful contest and some great choices!

  2. I just wanted to thank the marine (JManes) and the guy that worked at Walter Reed (Jack) that responded to my photos with their support for the story I was trying to tell. More importantly, you both deserve a BIG THANKS for your service to our country and to the veterans themselves.

    So THANK YOU. Thank you.

  3. Right on Steve!

    I submitted photos to this contest and while I still like my submission, all the finalist entries were great and I have no problem at all with the final entries and that mine didn’t make it. You can have this contest facilitated by someone completely different and end up with a different top 15 but you know what?… Its not someone else’s contest! It was put on by Steve and I think the choices he made and the execution was great.

    As for me… I was feeling like I was in a rut and it motivated me to shoot! I appreciate this contest for that alone 🙂

  4. Its a free to enter contest with a cool prize, people should just relax and go with it. theirs always those 5 people that ruin the internet.

  5. One thing I have to say is the best part for me about this M9 contest is it got my butt in gear and shooting. It also caused me to focus on storytelling in my everyday shooting. I have shot a lot of weddings and the goal is always to tell the story of the day and I do that. In my everyday shooting I do not always do this. This contest, Steve Huff and everyone involved has done an amazing thing here. Thank you all and thank you Steve for this website.

    Now I am going to spend the rest of my saturday making pictures with my M8. 🙂

  6. Steve,

    First off thank you for running the contest. Although I am disappointed I didn’t make “the cut”, entering the contest, and seeing the photos has taught me about my own photography.

    I’ve always been very rigid in not posing, and not doing much post processing of my photos. I always have viewed the uniqueness of photography to be to capture that decisive moment, and to freeze it in time. Just being there, and capturing the right moment is difficult, and rewarding for me.

    Of course with those limitations technique often has to take a back seat, sometimes to the detriment of the photos. But that makes the “keepers” that much rarer and more special. And every once in awhile I manage to pull it all together just as I wanted it, technique, emotion, and that moment. I’m looking at a photo on my desk now that does just that, and I am very very proud of it.

    I am not judging others work. I don’t see a problem with photoshop, or posing. They can produce moving, stunning images. Its just not my style.

    So this contest, helped me to better understand what is I enjoy about photography, and what I value most. It provided insight into how I can improve, where to direct my creative effort, and even what gear is best for what I want to shoot and how I like to shoot. I also found the assignment, a two picture story motivating. ( Which is a good thing as this long winter is definitely zapping my creative juices. )

    Thank you, and even though I don’t agree with all you choices, ( how could I, I’m not you), I appreciate much of the work you selected, and I deeply appreciate the effort you put into this contest.


  7. Steve,

    Screw the naysayers. For this worldwide contest you were bound to get a large bunch of sour grapes. One woman’s “morally wrong” is another man’s ho-hum….different strokes for different folks. You and Seal did a great thing putting this together and it’s unfortunate that some people feel that they are THE arbiters of what is good and ‘bad’ photography. Then when some of the more open-minded try to explain it them, inevitably you get a stupid comment equating violence against children to art. The bottom line is, the world is full of ignorant stupid people and you can’t let their closed mindedness get your goat.

  8. What a great competition! I entered with high hopes, but looking at the finalists I can see I have a lot to learn about photography and presenting a narrative. Congratulations to everyone shortlisted. This has been educational and inspirational for me in learning how to use my camera.

  9. Im disappointed I didn’t make it but the pictures up are all good…. oh well thats life and thats how contests work, judges make the last call and thats it.

    grats to all the finalists!

  10. Re the whiners.

    Firstly, I have to say that when I looked many days ago, albeit briefly I admit, at the final 15 I didn’t like them one bit. But I guess that is just a matter of taste; one mans’ art is another man’s ugly snapshot.

    As I didn’t care too much for the images chosen and therefore the style of imagery preferred by the competition organiser I didn’t bother to look at the images again or follow the goings on regarding the competition.

    However, having said all that, whilst I agree that the competition organiser has his rules and there is no point in bitching about the results, I feel I must register a protest.

    Essentially my protest is this. The competition wasn’t a case of some art gallery or museum deciding in private what is a good image and then presenting that to the public. Rather, this is a competition open to the public, and opened and organised via a blog. Therefore I don’t think it is right Steve for you to say you are gonna moderate out all the whining comments (and thus leave only the sweet as pie comments). Doing so creates a false impression as to the overal opinion/appraisal of the images. If you are to censor the whiners’ comments I think you should leave out all the “nice” comments too.

    If your purpose was to just announce a competition, then announce a winner by way of news, then you really shouldn’t have run the competition through a blog.

    I respectfully suggest that you leave all the whiing comments un-censored. We can all read your comments on this blog post, and the comments you made in your original post regarding the rules of this contest. Indeed, it is the very reason why I hadn’t previously made any comments regarding the images. That being so, if some posters wish to post negative comments we can view their comments in the context of what you have said, and make up our own minds as to whether or not the comments have any merits.

    Warm regards,


    • I have only deleted ONE comment which was a personal attack on me. In the rules of posting on this site it clearly states that any personal attacks or rude behavior will result in a moderation. Do it again and it results in a ban. If someone posts a comment on this site who has never commented before their comment is automatically held in moderation until I can see it and approve it. This avoids spam, which is a huge issue. Once I see it is not spam or a personal attack I approve it. Until then it shows to the author as “held for moderation”.

      But only one comment was deleted by “will” who made 2 personal attacks on me.

  11. Well done – good competition normal for 2% to cause problems.
    Don’t let the negative few influence the positive many 🙂

  12. There always somebody who isn’t happy.
    With himself, with others, with the world in general.
    No big deal.
    This is a fantastic contest, at a fantastic site, from a fantastic owner.
    Tks, Steve, for such a good time.
    By the way, my entry stinks, but i’m still disappointed it doesn’t reach top 15, and more disappointed because i’m not going to win a very expensive camera.
    That’s life, people.

  13. Steve,

    Was I disappointed that I didn’t make it into the top 15? Sure…

    Am I bitter? Not at all…

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter, thanks to Seal for providing an amazing prize, good luck to Rankin and Heidi, and congrats to the winner (when selected).

  14. Steve- I just want to commend you and your choices. This is ALOT of work and you have done a great job. I submitted an entry and each of these is superior to mine and I have thoroughly enjoyed each one. The artist has a a right to express their idea any way they like. Each were well thought out and executed!! Congrats to everyone!

  15. Whoever wins hopefully will appreciate the efforts and kindness behind it all. There were some interesting images some right to the point others a little “deep” i really enjoyed following this contest as i do your blog.

  16. Was I in the contest? Yes.
    Am I in the top 15? No.
    The good thing is ….I REALLY like the photos that I created.
    Thanks for an opportunity to get motivated during a time of year I may not have.
    Bottom line.
    This is Steve’s website.
    This is Steve’s contest and he was as clear as a person can be up front about the rules.
    So what is all the fuss about?

    You are a BRAVE man Steve Huff!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Yay!! More contests! More chance to show off our passion for photography!! Isn’t that what we’re here for???? So winner gets an M9…and?? We’re doing what we love and shouldn’t that be enough?

    =/ Not everyone will get what they want in the end but we all got what we love doing everyday.

    Thanks Steve for dealing with naughty entries =D

    Steve is only human you know… 😉

  18. Steve, I know you’re a veteran, but “welcome to the web…” You are going to get a lot of complaints.

    Having worked in Walter Reed and been to a number of military funerals, I do not see anything wrong with Amy’s shot being in here. Frankly, I’m glad it’s posed–I’d think to do it otherwise would probably be rather disrespectful.

    Steve, please ignore the naysayers I think you have done a wonderful job. THANK YOU for putting this together.

    Please consider photo holding photo contests in the future (PERHAPS PAID ENTRY ONES for CHARITY???)

    Cheers, Jack

    • Thanks…yea, I am used to this sort of thing but sometimes there is that one who just pushes a bit too much. Anyway, no problems, no worries 🙂 I think this contest went GREAT and the entries are all top notch.

      As for future contests..I spoke with Seal last night and we are planning more contests very soon to keep the passion alive! Details soon 🙂

      • A new contest, new theme, new dedication by all… that’s the spirit. It’s been a lot of fun seeing what people created, and I am sure this’ll not depend on the prizes, the M9 being a one time exceptional highlight.

    • Actually, if anyone found that offensive, you’d really wouldn’t want to see James Nachtwey’s work. (On of my favorite photographers!) Rent the documentary “War Photographer”.

  19. Doing a great job so far Steve! Thanks ever so much for the chance to be part of this. Good luck to everyone chosen, so wonderful to see everyone getting out with the camera and embracing creativity! 🙂

  20. Babies. They need to grow up (or grow a pair). I wasn’t able to submit pics :-), but I fully support the fact that it is YOUR contest Steve. When it’s YOUR contest, YOU get to make the rules and judgments. Keep up the great work!!

  21. Your contest, your rules. Nobody forced anyone to participate. If they didn’t agree with the rules then they shouldn’t have entered.

  22. It’s your deal. You play by the rules you set. And don’t forget the old maxim that ends “You can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

    It was a fantastic opportunity, and you did everything beautifully! I hope someone else will donate a camera that you can work into a similar contest next year!

  23. Even if I don’t win, I’m happy to see the AMAZING photographs submitted. I think that’s the point of this contest, to see the work of others, learn and get inspired. PLEASE STEVE, AFTER THE WINNER IS ANOUNCED, POST A TOP 50 OR SOMETHING, just to see more of the good work. You could even post some random sets. I guess we all here love to see images and the variety of work from all over the world. Thanks

  24. Steve,

    Sleep comfortably knowing that, no matter how hard you may try, you will NEVER make everyone happy. I learned that in business a long time ago and I live by it. Keep on rocking my friend!



  25. I think as long as this is an open contest, negative voices will be inevitable. No excuse for rude people.

    Or – like someone said one day: “If you want the strength of the bull, you also need to get used to its dirt”… The bull – in this context – is a growing community on this web site… Don´t take things too personal, Steve. You are doing a fine “job”…

  26. As a Marine myself, no longer active but once… always….; i say Amy’s story is a far to common occurrence and she did a good job telling it. She should be a finalist as should the others they are all great. it must be a very hard job picking from that many entries. ultimately it doesn’t matter who wins it’s the fun of the contest and sharing the stories with others that make it fun. sure we all want to win but who ever does win, deserves to win, simple as that. if you don’t like it, keep it to yourself…

  27. Steve, marginalize those 2/3 people, sounds like they do not belong here. You clearly stated the rules over and over again, somehow they didn’t care to read it or unwilling to follow them. Remove their post please, they are free to have their own site with their own competition if they can’t abide here. As for the whiners, Chill Out!

    Though i did not enter the contest, i must say what you and Seal have done is quite remarkable!

    Great Job Steve!

    • I think Steve is pretty aware of everything that’s going on, good and bad. I also think that the way he is dealing with it is great. “taking it too personally” is exactly what is needed here and Steve does it in his own, classy way, but firm, aggressive and direct was most certainly the tone of his initial blog post.

      People want opinion, they want commitment not complacency. A completely different type of site run by Llyod Chambers is respected because although it’s way to techy for my tastes,he takes no prisoners when it comes to these types of challenges. As for the out ‘n out rude bell-ends, they’ll always be there but I’ve seen similar sites where whenever there was a situation where said bell-end would say something rude, everyone would just ignore them for the most part, they worked as a collective solidarity….they soon went away.;

      food for thought,


  28. Thanks, Steve. I’m not here to cause trouble. Just debate a bit, and have fun. I know that reading a comment VS hearing a comment can be quite different, and sometimes when people read comments they may see an emotion that really isn’t there. If they heard speaking voices, they’d see it’s just debating.
    I totally love all the debating, and listening to different viewpoints. I don’t have to agree with them, but sometimes i do. Same with people reading my comments. I could care less if I win as I really wasn’t focused too much on this contest due to health issues, and life circumstances. My entry was an afterthought. LOL! I figured what the hell. Doesn’t hurt to try at least.

    I’m excited about who will win the camera. It’s really fun to watch the excitement unfold. This is indeed your contest and your rules are what apply. I’m just happy this has kept me occupied so my mind is not on other issues. Peace. 🙂

  29. Huck the faters! Its a legitimate contest and the finalists you’ve shown are great. When you look at the photos and you IMMEDIATELY get that ‘Aha!’ feeling of ‘I get it’ in terms of the story… -you can see why these photos were chosen. The fun/challenge of art is the bias/subjectivity… besides that, its your website! Don’t like the contest? Make your own website, culture your own relationships with noteworthy people and give away your own M9. Crimony!!!! Again, Huck the faters! Rock hard, Steve Huff, Rock hard!

  30. 2-3 whiners? Wow— that’s exceptionally low. Congratulations on running a fine contest: I think your theme was a great choice and the heart of photography.

  31. Steve, keep an eye on all those positve commenters here, and don’t be distracted by a handful of whiners, a very very small minority. Your comment to the “but this isn’t Magnum material” commenter cracked me up. That’s how you deal with them. This community of photography enthusiasts is the best on the web, and your site the most inspiring, with or without a contest. Though I too will anticipate next year’s “Seal’s Titanium M9” contest of course… ha.

  32. By the way. When its all done can you post all the submissions to a Flickr group or something like that? It would be fun to see all the photos that were submitted.

  33. This is why I don’t usually read comments: too much whining and complaining. Too many crybabies. Ick.

    Piggybacking on dovla’s comment: how about guest posts from the winner? Review the camera, describe how they have put it to use, that sort of thing.

  34. Steve,

    I just hope you don’t stop doing contests like this. I (and I think a lot of other people) have REALLY enjoyed entering and viewing the photos. This has been a ton of fun. There will always be a small vocal minority that are against something or complain but please don’t forget that the majority of the people seem to be having a blast with the competition. I want more! Also, I have really enjoyed viewing the finalists and thought it was awesome you didn’t wait till the end to post the whole list… getting a couple each day was fun. Personally I think all of the finalists have been really good in their own way.


  35. In case you didn’t notice, this post is about comments like yours.

    He did explain it. If you are upset, shoot better images next time.

    • You might consider changing your handle to “Won’t.” That would better fit your attitude. 🙂

  36. so annoying there are always people who cannot accept facts and reality. i am glad you made a clear statement, steve. i am feeling happy for the winner of the M9, whoever it might be.

  37. You know that not all the people have the same taste. And I think that it is normal that for someone they didn’t like some of the finalist but it is a contest where the rules are clear. If you criticize something it must be done always with respect.

    They have been a loots of participants and I konw that it is hard to choose 10 or 15 from them. It will be a lot of great stories that it will not be finalists, but it will be other 15 that will be great stories for Steve and that is the most important.

    I am Sorry about the discualified photos because I loved it.

    Good luck to the finalist.

  38. Rock on Steve.

    There will always be a very vocal minority in nearly any event, who’s main point in being is to try and spoil the fun for everyone else involved.

    It’s pretty telling when none of the complainers submitted their own images.

    I gave it my all for my own submission, but am not disappointed in the least that it did not make the cut. There’s a lot of talent out there, but even barring that fact, beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder, and in this case that happens to be you. (And rightly so, it’s your contest.)

    Congratulations to all who participated, and good luck to the finalists!

  39. Its very gracious of you to defend a fellow participant who put in effort with the shots.

    Great Character!

  40. I think it is just totally bogus the way this is run. I didn’t enter any photos, but Steve should have written and asked if I wanted to, and then walked me through the kind of photos he was looking for. Heck – he probably should have set up the shots so I could just press the shutter and win. So my non-entry really deserves to be in the final 15.

    😉 Thanks Steve and Seal – great stuff you’re doing. Keep up the awesome work – always excited when my RSS feed shows new stuff here.

  41. A common behavior in those lacking self-esteem, fearing that they or their efforts will be deemed unworthy, will “tee up” matters up to either by: (a) declaring that their circumstances were manifestly unfair; and/or (b) denigrating the value of the effors of others. In this way, should the kvetching soul not prevail, it will be due to the fault of others and not be laid at his or her own feet. I suggest pity and patience for them rather than anger as they obviously have been deprived of emotional nourishment. At the end of the day, we are all children at varying levels of maturity (some, albeit, more wrinkled than others.) As for me, unexpectant of any recognition, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the stress and anxiety that the “what if” of this contest has provided, together with an appreciation of the beautiful work others are capable of teasing out of these lensed contraptions. Just sayin’

  42. Sorry to hear about the bad mouthing. But as you said, to be expected. Just be thankful your readers are a notch above, as I’ve seen sites that get a lot more than yours regularly.

    As for your choices, I’ve had no complaints, I think they have all been wonderful, and way better than mine. I really hadn’t thought of a good story and submitted mine in response to a reaction I had when I saw one of them. I felt I hand been swarmed by people intruding on my quiet shooting and as I still had’t thought of something I submitted it. I can see where someone who thought they had the “perfect” winner story might think theirs was “best” but that is such a lame attitude when something as subjective as photography and art are involved. I mean I found myself crying over some of the images from Tahrir Square this week, and others though I was nuts, that it was just scary. Go figure.

    Keep it up. It’s been great!

  43. A funny thing, indeed. Sometimes, I really wonder what in ‘humble’ people don’t seem to understand. I participated in this contest as well and of course I have been checking back on the finalists you posted here. Rather than ‘wait, my shots are better’, I feel like all sets posted thus far managed to inspire me in one way or the other, not at least in terms of how one can approach ‘how to tell a story with 2 pictures’. Do I love every single picture? No I don’t.. I prefer some of the entries over others just from a personal perspective. Do I believe that ALL the finalists are fine sets that certainly deserve to be up here? Absolutely.
    Great contest, period!

  44. Steve, I demand your M9 now since my entry did not made it in the top 15, until now 🙂

    I hope they will be some kind of video interview with the winner!

  45. Steve – I think it’s a shame that you even felt the need to post this entry purely because of a (very) few uncharitable and rude individuals.

    Ignore them buddy, what you, (and Seal) did is encourage people to get up, go out and take pictures with a real purpose in mind. OK so this time it was to win Seals M9 and your lens, or the V Lux 2, but what really counts is that if it so happens that just one of the entrants goes out and does it again just for the fun of it then EVERYONE is a winner because we have another convert to the art of storytelling with photography!

    I didn’t enter, and I’m a photojournalist, because this time I found that I couldn’t get the story that I wanted to tell done (to my satisfaction) in two images. It WAS a challenging and thought provoking brief and all of the finalist, bar none, should be applauded for getting their images into the final 15 they are all worthy of being there. Good luck to you all.

    For those whinging detractors, you know who you are, the first rule of any competition is read the rules, the second is read them again! That way you know what you can and cannot submit, and unlike here on Steve’s great site you rarely get the chance to comment of the chosen finalists or the winner before the event.

    So man up, button your lips and next time enter your own work, then we can comment, nicely, on your work! Or better still donate an awesome prize for your own competition and set your own rules and encourage more photographers to get out there and take pictures. ;-0)

    Thank you Steve, thank you Seal, and thanks to Leica, you have achieved a great result for photography by encouraging it at the grass roots level.

    Graham Harrison

  46. You could give a million bucks to charity and some idiot will still complain.
    You don’t need to make any excuses Steve. Great contest and site.

  47. You tell ’em Steve “the law” Huff! 😉

    Aside from the trolls I’m enjoying this a lot, excited to see who wins, fingers crossed (for myself) of course, but either way it’s been great fun! Thanks again and I look forward to future competitions.

  48. I have loved to watch every story you have published. And, as you, I am sorry “Keeping warm in Winter in Japan” is disqualified…really great pictures.

    I really have enjoyed the contest – and I hope for many future contests to come;-)


  49. Steve – Fortunately, for every naysayer there are a thousand positive, upbeat, respectful members on your site. The positive voices will outweigh the negative ones.

  50. Well said Steve!

    This should be about the photographs and the entrants and not the wingers and complainers. Well done to all the finalists, there truly are some great entries and you should all be proud!

  51. well mine wasn’t selected but it really was up to you as the promoter of the competition and I think those who got in really are good entries 🙂

    There will always be haters who are going to hate. So let’s just keep the fun times roll and keep on shooting!

    Best of luck to everyone who made it to the finals and thanks again Steve and ~6 for brewing this contest up!
    Hopefully more of this in the future!

  52. yah, good job Steve.. unfortunately I think many of us saw this coming.

    To the entrants.. good job, and:

    Ignore the couch critics who didn’t submit anything, ignore the indignant as art always has somebody somewhere who is offended, ignore the naysayers who only believe photojournalism should have entered (clearly not what the spirit of the contest was), ignore the comments dismissing anyone not utilizing the Golden Ratio, ignore the green eyed who didn’t or couldn’t get something going on any level.. even with an iphone..

    if it makes things better.. ignore this comment too!

  53. of course I wish mine was in the running – given the amount of thought and work put in, but you made some fine choices in the finalists. They are all very cool in my opinion.

    Thank you for hosting the contest thus far. Seal’s (and your) generosity and your follow through has been tops. Hope another contest happens soon.

  54. I enjoy the XKCD comic in which a man is at the computer and he won’t leave because he is busy typing. He declares “I can’t go now, SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET!”

    I cherish how the Internet allows everyone to publish their thoughts, but at the same time regret it at times.

    Just let it roll off your back Steve and continue to have fun with your contest.

  55. my entry was better than all!!…

    oh damn! i didn’t submit my photos 🙁 no M9 for me I guess…

    now seriously, I totally agree with you, so far the finalists deserve being there, Megan’s photos puzzled me a bit but yeah, it’s totally fair! and well, it was a bit sad to hear about the disqualification since I really liked those photos… such a shame, but the rules were clear… I can’t wait for the rest of the finalist, I know I couldn’t do better than them… may the best one win!

    • Oh man. It would have been better to simply ignore them. I’m sorry to say that I lost some respect for this site following Steve’s rant.

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