The rest of the entries in the M9 contest…yep, this is where they will be posted!

UPDATE: Since posting this page I have had no less than 180 “requests” from entrants to NOT show their images here on this page. Digging out and finding these who do not want to be shown takes a considerable amount of time, so I may not be posting any more of the entrants here. I just do not have time to do it all and with so many not wanting them up it kind of kills the whole idea anyway. Sorry!


Many of you asked for it and I really wasn’t terribly excited to post 1300+ entries as this will take loads of time AND bandwidth, but hey, I know if I was on the other side I would love to see ALL of the entries. This page will be updated every day or two with 5-10 new entries. It may take a while to get all 1300+ up here but it will happen! I have to arrange each set in a side by side format and resize them all so bear with me. Also, these will be small versions only so my bandwidth and load times do not go nuts!

I’ll try to add to this page every single day until ALL of the entries are posted. This way if we give away an M10 in 2012 (I have NO knowledge of an M10 for 2012!) we can look back here as a reference for the 1st official M give away πŸ™‚ Once again, thank you to EVERYONE who participated in this as you all made it a huge success!


Cathy Kesselman – “Too late to go South for the Winter?”

Edward Khoo – “Respects for Elders”

Fabiano Sangiorgi – “The First Time”

Kelly Roher – “Cat & Mouse”

Matthew Lamb – “Rock Star Dreams”

Normand Primeau – “Wheres the Self-Timer?”

Paola Terranova-Jancek – “Dreams” (hard to see here but the 2nd image is a letter congratulating her as the winner of the M9)

Zach Allia – “Before & After Food”

The very 1st official entry! Peter Samson – “Smile You Will”

Simon Taylor – Milkman

Vasilla Sapountzi – “The Snow Angel”

William Chen – “Innocence”

Roberto Fregona – 180 Degrees Of Seperation

Chun Wai Ho – “Frog Prince”

Peter Chueh – “Finding The Way Home”

More will be added every day or two..check back!

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  1. Hi Steve: I’m sorry to hear about the 180+ people who seem to have spoiled the fun of your contest. Thanks for putting up with it. And thanks again for putting together the contest. Meanwhile, your positive spirit reigns as I see there is a Flickr post for the rest of entrants who want to post their pics! πŸ™‚

  2. Keep ’em coming! Steve, perhaps you can post the flickr group at the top of the post, so other can follow it easier? Just a thought!

    • Thank You πŸ™‚
      but – the story with the guns and with the call are really awesome πŸ™‚

    • I posted it my pictures for in the Flickr – thanks to Vlad.

  3. Very very disappointed . First you raise our hopes and then … .

    If I understand correctly , 180 nays and 1120 ayes and even then you decided not to post ????

    • Ravi: Steve’s disclaimer for submissions said that you agree if you are a “top 10” that he can post your picture. It didn’t cover rights to post non finalists. So if 180 people say no he can’t ignore it. That means he would have to go through 1300 photos and remove the 180 that said no- and that’s way too much work. Yes, I agree, it doesn’t make sense why they wouldn’t want their shots posted, but whatever the Flickr group is up anyway.

    • Yea, it was more about the time involved (and I do not have much of that these days) digging through those who did not want to be posted, etc. Sorry!

  4. It’s disappointing to learn that some 180 people don’t want their work published and appreciated here. As someone who didn’t enter but would appreciate an opportunity to see the other 1000 or so pictures, I strongly agree with the idea of posting them in a Flickr group. Steve, could you promote the group created above by a follow commenter by reposting it at the top of the page as an update so people could see it without having to scroll down to the middle of hundreds of comments? I believe it would be easier for all of us who would like to see other people’s work and those who would like the world to enjoy his/hers.


  5. Any chance of posting those 35 entries that you tough were very good. A top 50 would also work.
    I, For one, would love to see my set on this page.

    Great work Steve!

  6. Very cool.

    I am amazed at people who submit photos for a contest, but then complain that those photos might be made public??

  7. This is my story, but I posted it already two days ago or so. There is a blog entry explaining my story. And Steve, too bad that people dont want their stories posted. I dont really get it, had they been in the final 15, it would have been posted anyway…….so I am confused.


  8. EVERYBODY POST YOUR ENTRIES HERE. It would be very time consuming for Steve to be reviewing every submission checking if the sender allows him to post or not, but it will be very easy for us to post our entry here. I will post mine this evening. Do the same and let’s help Steve a bit.

  9. Steve,

    Thanks again for this competition. I dreamt of winning, but after seeing the finalists, I realized I didn’t have a shot in h-e-double hockey sticks! Spectacular finalists and great non-finalists posted so far. I applaud you for making the committment to post all of the entries so that we can be inspired, but find it sad that so many people who thought their entries were good enough to submit, really don’t want to share them…..pity. I guess it shows that no matter how much you try to please everyone, there is no end. Thanks again for the last 6 weeks of excitement.

  10. It upsets me that 180 other people who submitted hoping that their photos would be shown as finalist are now ruining the enjoyment for those of who would appreciate seeing all the entries. I’m pretty sure if any of those 180 had made the finals they would be proudly showing off the images as posted in the finalist thread. I call it a case of sour grapes on their part.

    Steve, as one who didn’t make the final 15 either, I would love to have my images in this thread. I would love for the world to see what I submitted, even if it didn’t win me a Leica. If just one person finds meaning and enjoys what I shot, that is more than enough reward for me. Post them all man.

  11. That’s a real shame. I’d love to see all the entries. I guess some more watertight terms & conditions would have been good. By entering you give permission for your entry to be used as the site (Steve) sees fit. Some small print would have avoided this I guess.

  12. So many nice/good pictures! πŸ™‚ Would be really hard to choose the “best” few out of 1300.

    Overall I did enjoy trying to tell a story in 2 shots, including bringing my cam on every walk-about to try to get “2 shots”. Best I could was the neighborhood kid who tried to do stunts on his mountain bike (and I did enjoy seeing him fail after the bird he flipped in my gen direction). πŸ™‚

    Really like many of the shots here. Till next the year/contest!! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks, Ann-Marie. πŸ™‚ Glad it made your day.

        πŸ™‚ I (and more then 1000 people :-)) would have really like to stand a good chance to win a M9. But hey, making folks laugh is good too for me. πŸ˜‰

        I appreciate many of the fascinating shots/idea/story too…and hope folks enjoy my entry.

  13. I hope this isn’t like wikileaks cablegate- where you release only a few of the images (cables) a day for the next few years…

    Steve- why not consider posting these images to a flickr account? That way they are separated into pages, they can be larger (at this size a lot of them are going to lose a lot of their appeal)- and you can view them as a slide show. Also you could do it all at once…

    Not trying to be difficult – but I think I am going to get bored if I keep having to log onto this page- and look at the ones already posted over and over again.

    • Plus it would be far, far easier to do (for you). I think, anyway, wouldn’t it? (Maybe there are issues of licensing on Flickr vs here?)

      • Why doesn’t someone just create a Flickr group and have everyone who entered post upload their individual entry? just a thought…

  14. The range of entries here will be so awesome to see. I’m sure there’s lots of great ones that didn’t make it in to the final too.

  15. The ONLY premise to enter the contest was to tell a story! The Quality of the pictures might be nice for hte eyes, but it was NO premise.

  16. So far these range from OK to horrendous….could be interesting to see the gamut of what people will do to win a really expensive camera!

  17. Steve, wouldn’t be easier to make a slideshow for all entries and put them on youtube? That way it is a lot quicker for you and easier for the rest of us to see them, instead of a loonnggg thread πŸ™‚


  18. Steve ,

    I cannot thank you enough for posting all the entries . Atlest this way , I will finally have my photos posted on your site which I have been trying for years . Winning is not important , getting posted on your website and perhaps a small “like it ” .

    Cheers !


  19. Agreed…… No other competition shows the full entry’s. Total waste of your time. Total vanity publishing for people who have requested this.

  20. Everyone’s photos are great, glad that all the photos are going up on the site and looking forward to see who wins the competition!

  21. SERIOUS waste of time. Forget it. I’d much rather see you write/create/do something new rather than waste all that time (and bandwidth). Probably near zero merit in this: harsh but I’m being honest.
    No sarcasm.

    • Just a quick audit on the comments thus far regarding this page.

      For (14): Pat, deant, pacacamera, TDK, Marco Antonio, aadb, EAMX9, seatlesteve, Jason, Makka, Patrik, Bradley, Mouchsi, Ravi Madan

      Against (3): Pete, Gary, Photomonkey

      The rest I couldn’t tell whether it’s for or against, but looks like most of us want to see, and personally I’d be interested to see what the other entries look like.

  22. Hey, Steve. Save some bandwidth. You don’t have to print mine. I think I just saved you maybe 2 cents. LOL! honestly, I don’t care about mine being printed.

  23. Thanks Steve! You exceed all expectations by posting all the entries! πŸ˜€ can’t wait to take part in the M10 contest! πŸ™‚

  24. With all of the photos and comments on this one post, it’s going to be a mile long. I look forward to seeing them all. Thanks for doing this, Steve.

    • Hey EAMX9, thank you! Lots of work but doing a little bit every day will make it fun πŸ™‚ Plus, I like the idea of ONE page where ALL entries can be posted. I will be making them much smaller in file size as of today for obvious reasons though πŸ™‚

  25. Steve thanks for the hard work you have put into the competition. I wish the winner all the best.

  26. Dear Steve,

    You probably had not imagined the kind of reaction that the selections to the Leica M9 contest have brought. In addition to the excellent work and images, we have very strong opinions about their value and even justification for their selection and publication. I personally think that the most controversial ones are the best images. You are to be commended for the impartial and fair approach to the controversial comments, demands and accusations.

    This has certainly been an experience for me, in fact, I was inhibited and didn’t send in my photos for fear of rejection and possible negative reaction, but I as wrong, the way those how have been attacked have behaved is also commendable and are examples of mature and intelligent behaviour. I will participate in the next contests should there be one, and yes, I’m prepared to pay a $10 entry fee to defray your costs.

    Finally, the amount of work that you have put into this and your dedication to the project are admirable.

    Congratulations for a job well done.

    Best, Roberto

    • Thank you Roberto! This has been, overall, a GREAT contest and wonderful experience. I am still excited that someone is going to win the M9, it’s just so cool πŸ™‚ Thanks for the comment!

  27. Oh I like this idea of seeing them all together on one page. Will be great to check each day and see what’s added, Even the bad ones are in their own way inspirational… and it’ll add to the cummunity spirit if we all see what other people enjoy to photograph.

    • According to my average calculation, that is each image here is about 60KB multiply by 1300, will give about 76MB.
      I just did a speed test on my current broadband connection, that’s 731 KB/s (0.71 MB/s), it will be about 110 seconds to download 76MB. However, I doubt I will get this speed, and would intuitively guess that it will take about 5 minutes to load this page when all 1300 entries are posted. I think taking consideration the textual comments and other traffics on this site that 5 minutes is a fair estimate.

      • Steve, just wanted to suggest if it wouldn’t be better to find a different solution rather than dumping all 1300+ entries to one page…76MB page doesn’t seem like too much fun to me πŸ™‚

        • I agree: Why put all the pictures onto just one page? For those of us with slower connections it would take a very long time to show all the pictures and I reckon that most people would give up before they scowled down, down, down to the last image. Why not spread the entries over 10 pages? That’s still a massive 130 images per page, but perhaps a rather more user friendly solution for us all.

          • I think it would be better to upload the Pics to 10 – 20 Pages and create on page with all the links.

      • As a web developer myself I feel the need to agree with the above. Posting 1300 images onto a single blog post is a horrible idea. It will take forever to load, eat up all your bandwidth, make it almost impossible to single out a photo and send it to someone, and if a person is viewing on a slow computer it might crash the browser all together.

        I appreciate the work you’ve put into this, but perhaps it would be better to just open up a Flickr account and upload all the images there. Then you could could just import them into your side bar on your blog using a plugin.

        • I disagree, at 50-60k each, the photos would load fine. I have been to blogs where there have been 3000+ larger photos on one page and they load just fine. If you have dial up, no…but not too many use dial up these days.

          • In that case I would look into setting up Lazy Load so the images don’t load until a person scrolls down. That works well on (which happens to be the best site to browse large amounts of photos I’ve seen). Might save you a bit of $$ on bandwidth and help slower computers as well.


  28. Milk man is funny, lol! Really funny. I didnt even notice at first that he was peeing milk. LOL!
    Thanks Steve for posting all entries. I dont envy you having to go through this process.

      • Thanks Steve and Carmen. Glad you guys had a laugh…that was the intent. I had to drink alot of milk to be able to pee like that πŸ™‚

        Thanks Steve for putting up the competition. It was a valuable process for me to learn some more about what i dont know about taking photos. The finalist chosen are awesome and all deserve to be in the list.

        I think some people are taking this competition decision process too seriously. The prize is just a camera…you dont actually get to meet Heidi….or do you πŸ˜‰

  29. Hello Steve ! This contest was a huge success and really exciting. All the finalists really inspire me for taking more attention about story telling in my next photographs…
    Hope i’ll appear soon in this page πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for these lessons !

  30. Thanks, Steve, for having such a fantastic contest and taking the time to upload everyones photos. I can’t wait to see what everyone else came up with!

  31. =D Thank you, Steve, for taking your time to upload these. Great fun seeing all of the participants!

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