Want your M9 contest entries shown? Post them to the Flickr Group!

Upload your contest entry if you want to share it with the other entrants!

I was going to post all of the entries on this site but so many of you wrote telling me you did not want your entries shown, nearly 200 of you! So, instead of taking hours searching for and separating those who did not want to be shown, there has been a Flickr group created (Thanks to Vlad) for those who want to post their images and be seen! Just head over to the Flickr page by clicking HERE and upload your entry!

One request! Arrange your two images into one by presenting them side by side. This way, your story is much easier read and it helps keep the Flickr page less cluttered!


  1. I’m more surprised at the less than humble attitude shown in the Flickr group by one of the final 15. Congrats on making the final 15, but no need to slag on everyone else, or Steve directly as that person has. Really that individual should be grateful they have a chance to win the M9. And whi8le many may have not told the best story, or one that is obvious to everyone else, they put in effort to do so. No need to trash them.

    • My opinion is a very fair “critical assessment” of what is presented on the Flickr pages. It’s a valid observation. Personally I need the good opinions and the bad opinions so that I can take it all in and grow. I didn’t single anyone out…(I certainly didn’t trash anyone) and for that matter someone can feel the same way about my entry…Perhaps someone can make a valid criticism that I consider..and then next time….maybe I make the top 15…or just make a better photo. If everyone always tells you your work is great …..you don’t grow…..

  2. I have to say…that after looking at the Flickr pages of a lot of the M9 contest entries (mine is there as well and open to any criticism), …although there are some great photos…I am amazed at how many tell no story at all…that I can discern. So many just seem to be two shots taken at the same time that have no narrative at all??? I am truly surprised by this.

  3. Many thanks for Seal, and for Steve for this chance to win.
    I regret that I didn’t get into the top 15.
    Congratulations to the winners! Anyone can win, he/she deserve it the prize.

    Anyway: here is my narrative pictures, the COMICS on the Flickr:

    But you can see here also:


  4. beautiful!
    Thanks once again to Steve and Seal for the competition, and Vlad for the flickr site.
    Last but not least all those who participated and now showing your photos! 😀

  5. Could someone please tell me how to send/display the two photos side by side? Do you need a flickr account to post them? Thanks.

  6. I like it and already uploaded. As usual I don’t get very well how computer work, but I feel very successful just being able to get to flickr. I totally agree on half of the chosen 15, “living” is my favorite.

  7. And it would help if the photos appear in order the correct order, No 1 first followed by No 2. It would help if the title is included. In any case, I applaud this option. Best R

  8. Nice move, Steve. I know you wanted to please everyone by uploading them all and were willing to do so, but this is a good compromise! And Vlad, you rock!

  9. Great, thanks Steve! Also it would be great if people can join their entries into single image as it’s a lot easier to follow them and it looks less cluttered! 🙂

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