The 2nd meetup…Seattle?

Hello to all and HAPPY MONDAY! After a few months of deciding on this I think the next photo meetup will be in Seattle this July. Just trying to gauge interest here for this one. It may even be a TWO day event with loads of shooting, processing tips, Leica M tips, guest appearances and much more. Before I get to work on arranging and setting it up leave a comment here if you would have interest in a Seattle Meetup/Workshop. The one from last October in NYC sold out quick and this time I may limit the availability to 15 instead of 20.

So let me know if a July meet-up in Seattle interests any of you! Images from the NYC meet up can be seen here.


  1. Awesome! Sounds like we would have plenty up for a Seattle meet-up/workshop. Quite possibly could be a two day event, assignments, critique, Leica camera tips, guest speakers, etc etc. I will start putting it together!

  2. I’ll definitely go if it’s in Seattle. There are a bunch of RF/Leica types here, and we just had a get together not that long ago. In fact, regular contributor to this site Aswhin Rao was there with his lovely M9 and some of his prints from a trip to India.

  3. This sounds great! I have a friend in Seattle that I’ve been meaning to visit, so I have a place to stay. I’ve never been to a meetup before, so I’m excited that I might actually be able to make one. They don’t come around too often in Kansas.

  4. Steve
    I ive in Sydney but will be in the US with work in the second half of July and would love to meet up in Seattle. I’m not 100% sure of the dates for my trip yet but will do everything I can to fit in.
    Cheers, Peter

  5. Will be attending a workshop with Craig SEMETKO in Victoria, BC July 22-24. If its around that time I would love to… seems that NYC was a lot of fun.

  6. If you plan it, I will attend!! Thank you Steve. I had planned on purchasing my M9 in June or July anyway.. I can’t think of better way to kick it off my relationship with the new tools!

  7. Would be interested…i like San Fran best and Seattle second best…might not be able to do both but could most probably swing one of them…Montreal sounds cool as well as Germany!!…pretty much you can count me in for a July Seminar…

  8. Will be San Fran for me since I work there from time to time easy to make it happen… Don”t want to tell you what to do but you have to organise one in Montreal (I’ll help) Paris, London, Urban decay, Countryside all within 2 square miles…

  9. Steve…you should definitely come to germany for a meetup! I’m sure you got lots of interested parties here and by the way it’s always worth to visit leica’s birthplace! 😉

    Have you ever been in the leica manufacturing?

      • Seattle? Hey, a chance to actually see what the rangefinder fuss is all about – and right in my neighborhood! I’ve read a million articles about rangefinders, but I don’t know anyone with one so I have no idea what it’s like to actually use one.

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