Daily Inspiration #207 by Hugo Cravo

Hi, Steve!!

Its my first attempt to participate the daily inspirations! I’m 24 years old, brazilian, so sorry for the bad english. These are three images i made of my familiars (mom, grandfather and grandmother). I used a Nex-3, with the kit lens 18-55mm for the image of my grandfather, and my mother (daily3.jpg), and the other one with a Leica M8 + Nokton 1.1. As you can see, i use to look for a place with little high temperature light, to illuminate only the part of the scene i think is important. I don’t use flash, never. And sure, i try to increase the contrast when i’m converting to black and white (using silver efex). Also, something i’m looking for, and trying to make my “mark”, is to add some surrealism in the simple daily scenes, which i like a lot. Congratulations for the blog, and i have to thank you the fact i became a Leica lover.

Hope you all like the images.

My flickr: www.flickr.com/hcravo

Hugo Cravo


  1. Hey!! Thanks everybody!!
    Im so proud you all liked my photos!
    It was really nice to discover i did some good shots… =D
    Thanks for the post, Steve!

  2. Loved all the images, Hugo, especially the one of your grandmother. You really see the light well.

    And, trust me, your English is a hell of a lot better than my Portuguese!

    • haha
      When i was reading your comment, i stopped at “your english is a hell”, and i was kind of thinking “i really need to learn this better before start writing…”…
      Well, but i really need to study it anyway.. =PP

      Português é fácll, eu só não sei pra quê inventar tanta acentuação! haha

      Thanks for the comment!!

  3. Very good. Especially the first two I like a lot. They take me right into the scene. Thanks for sharing. D!RK

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