Daily Inspiration #222 by Mark Probst

Hi Steve,

I’m Mark Probst, an amateur photographer living in Vienna, Austria.
After shooting DSLRs for several years I’ve switched to shooting with
a Leica M6 for the past few months, mainly to find out what it’s like
to use a rangefinder.  It turns out that I like it so much that I’m
plotting to buy an M9, since film is too bothersome for me to put up
with in the long term.

I am also a juggler and as such I hang out with and photograph other
jugglers, most of them much more able than me when it comes to
throwing and catching objects.  I took these three images recently at
a small private juggling festival with a few friends.  The first two
images were shot on TMax 3200, the third one, with the huge club
passing pattern, on TMax 400 pushed to 800.  I exclusively use a
Voigtlaender 35mm/1.4 and do my own development.  Mild post-processing
in Lightroom.

My Flickr stream is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/schani/

Take care!




  1. #1 nice action in the background, #2 best and most interesting. I went from M8 to M6 for the zen of shooting film and for the pleasure of working independent of the latest tech. I keep my M8 for color shots and those must-share family holiday shots…

  2. Hi Mark, done the same myself, M6 and CV 35 1.4. Nice combo, I find. Love pic 1, just great, what a Leica is good for and very unobtrusive.

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