Daily Inspiration #224 by Rabiah Khwaja

Hi Steve,

I wanted to submit images of my visit to Texas… Grandpa was bit under the weather..so seeing us there made him feel better. We talked about his younger days..when he traveled the world with grandma, my mom and uncles when they were all pretty much toddlers. Recalling old memories lightened up his otherwise dull eyes..he had these moments of remembering certain fun times as a young architect in the 1950s! what a wonderful life they both lived. Grandma was doing well.. thankfully 🙂 he would not..absolutely not let her go home..even if she left the room for a minute to run an errand..he would wake up and ask for her! Icould see his behavior was getting exhausting for grandma..but its hard to argue with someone his age and condition. (he is currently staying at life-care under the supervision of nurses and doctors)..
I used my canon 5d mark II and a 50mm 1.4 lens to take these photos. Ambient light in the room. It has been a few a months since my love for the viewfinders and lens flare has blossomed into a continuous yet discrete accompaniment!  i love it all…manual, digital, auto, film..all of it!
Thanks for reading this and looking at my photos.


  1. Mark, Brian, Ross, Elaine, Bob, and Lucy, thank you,
    I guess I was sort of in awe..of their attitude towards each other..their love….that so strong after all these years..in sickness, health, and much much more.

  2. I love the combination of camera and lens that you use. I use a similar, though not as fast combo, a Nikon D90 with 50mm f/1.8 lens which I love. Beautiful shots.

  3. Thank you Steve for giving me the opportunity to share, and dear readers, thank you for your kind words.

    • My thoughts exactly. And not just memories but entire emotions, captured and preserved. I wish I would have captures moments like these before my grandmother passed away. Now I could time travel with them.

      Thanks for the inspiration!

      • Thank you so much Mikael,
        Memories are all we are left with. Each and every family photo has a memory….a story that we cherish.

  4. Rabiah thank you so much for sharing these images and some of your family life. These are very poignant and moving photographs and you have managed to tell a lifelong story of love and devotion in just three images, wonderful work.

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