Snapseed from Nik, now available for Ipad!

Nik Software: Snapseed for Ipad and Ipad 2

Nik Software, creator of the amazing SIlver Efex and Color Efex pro have released a very cool app called “Snapseed” for your Ipad and Ipad 2. Basically it is a simple image editing app that has some power behind it, even control points for specific area editing. Check out the three NIK videos below to see what it can do. I just downloaded it to my Ipad 2 yesterday and will be trying it out but at $5, it seems like a no brainer.


  1. Great app! iTunes has it on sale for the 4th of July for $1.99! Time to snap (no pun intended) it up, creative iPad owners.

  2. I believe it only works with JPGs. I connected my card from my Ricoh GRD3 (which shoots DNG), and I was only able to import the JPGs. That said, the app is great fun. This shot was originally a straight B&W shot. I actually prefer this version, which is straight out of Snapseed.

  3. thanks for the recommendation. it’s fantastic – so much fun – i agree that the b&w filters could be a little more flexible and sophisticated. but for 5 bucks? amazing

  4. I installed it yesterday. It is great fun and works really well. I would love to see a bit more control on the black and white editing, but it is a great app and worth every penny.

  5. Hi Steve,

    The filters are awesome. Thanks for pointing it out. Just downloaded it. Love Niksoftware for Aperture, but this is really fun.

  6. Wow Steve, that looks great. I’m using filterstorm pro right now but I find it arduous and I feel the multiple shot library management is cumbersome. It’s good…but not exactly ipadesque. This IS a no brainer at $5. Thanks!!

  7. Using it since yesterday. It is good together with the Photoshop App. To edit pics in a fast impressive way it is alright but I do not think it is worth the 4 euros I paid. the Crop function is a guess, what I miss on both Apps is the possibility to use a ruler, certain proportions for print outs and the ability to crop a picture to a specific size by numbers.

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