Daily Inspiration #234 by Ernie

I was sent a couple of cool photos today by a guy I met in Brussels, Belgium a week or so ago. While in Brussels we met up and talked about Leica, photography and the Seal tour and even enjoyed a great Belgium beer. Ernie ended up going to the show and just sent in a couple of shots he snapped with his M9 and 35 Summicron from the crowd. In the first one you will see me and I love how the other photographers are loaded down with gear (look at the woman) and there I am with an M9 and 50 🙂

Thanks for sending these in Ernie, and I still have your book, safe and sound. See you in Paris!


  1. Have to admit I have been the DSLR shooter next to Steve for most of my photography career. BUT times they are a’changing! Since leaving the newspaper industry, I have been on a quest to figure out where I go from here. Steve’s site has brought about my desire to go back to primes and try to slow down my shutter finger. I must say it is a challenge after having to shoot until I believed I had “the shot” for the front page! So many of you guys here on Steve’s site inspire me to return to basics. While I did use one prime for shooting our local jazz festival (a Tokina 300mm f2.8 that I loved but sold last year), I am really trying to see what most of the shooters here see when they are on a walkabout! Thanks for the inspiration and, Ernie, you have a couple of keepers here!!!

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