Daily Inspiration #244 by Bob Boyd

Hey Steve,

On our annual summer road trip with my wife and 4 boys, we decided to make Joplin, MO one of our stops. As you may remember May 22, an EF4 tornado stuck that town and leveled a large part of this community right in the middle of town.

Personally, I’ve never seen anything like this. I took these pictures 7 weeks after it hit and much of it still looks like a war zone. Over 150 people perished in this storm and as I walked around the rubble during sunrise, it was humbling to consider that fact. The evidence of the powerful winds was everywhere. Furniture blown up against wall, houses ripped in half. Cars crushed and pushed together and dried mud everywhere – cars, interior walls – it looked like it had been applied with a power washer.

But even with all of the devastation, there were beautiful signs of hope and faith – the resilience of a people that make up this great country.

Additional shots are posted here:

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  1. I almost hate to put it this way, but you took really beautiful and poignant shots of the devastating aftermath of this tornado. You captured emotionally the wake of the thing. Talk about being the right photographer at the right place and time.

  2. Ive got 4 boys, too. How’s it photographing on family trips — lately I’ve had to settle for my iPhone because all else is dedicated to child care!

    • In this case, I got up at sunrise and my wife and kids slept a bit more before we continued the day’s drive. By this point, my family is pretty accustomed to me taking a minute here or there to grab a shot or two when we travel. 🙂

  3. Powerful images. I’ve spent time in Joplin for work and was treated with great kindness in town. Thank for helping honor the folks who were affected by the storm.

    • Thanks for the comment. It was really amazing to see something like that. I’m hoping the images in some small way will remind people about that area. I really encourage others to drive through the area, stay in a hotel, eat a meal, lend a helping hand. It all helps.

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