Daily Inspiration #245 by Baru A. Dacasin

Hi Mr. Huff,
                      My name is Baru A. Dacasin and I am big fan of your work. I am a serious street photo hobbyist and have just recently worked up the courage to share my images outside my family and friends. My photos are found atwww.barudacasin.com. I shoot 35mm film primarily using the compact Canonet GIII-QL. I am still trying save for a film Leica M series. I do not have anything against digital. I just find film photography more challenging and exciting because I have to wait for the images to be developed first before I see them.


                      The three attached images were shot at different locations. “Closing Time” was the result of avoiding to bag my camera cocked. A lesson I learned from my Dad that a visit to the camera repair shop was more expensive than a wasted frame. I just placed the camera on the pavement and aimed it upwards a bit. I tried to calculate the distance of the people by presetting the lens before I pressed the shutter button.


                      The second photograph “Man On A Bridge” was taken at mother’s my hometown. I was at the river below watching some children swimming when I saw the man crossing the bridge carrying a basket full of laundry, some of which were women’s clothes. The last picture (When We Think Nobody’s Watching)  was also taken at the same town. I sneaked up from behind the boy and got as close as I could without him sensing me. I consider it to be one of my lucky shots ever because I was not able to take another photo of the kid. I was very happy that the film didn’t get ruined during developing.


                       Any criticism from you personally, constructive or otherwise would be welcome so I’ll know what to improve on. Thank you very much! Hoping that at least one, if not all my photos, ends up in your site.
Gear info:


Closing Time: Canon Canonet GIII-QL / Neopan 400
Man On A Bridge: Pentax ESII / Takumar 35mm / Neopan 400
When We Think Nobody’s Watching: Canon Ftbn / FD 50mm / Neopan 400
Baru A. Dacasin



  1. Thank you for the most wonderful and inspiring words! I’m all red-faced. The people in the photographs also deserve credit. All I am was a witness and a guy with a camera. God bless to everyone!

  2. Thank you for the most wonderful and inspiring words! I’m all red-faced. The people in the photographs also deserve credit. All I am was a witness and a guy a camera. God bless to everyone!

  3. Baru,
    Along with lighting and texture, I love the feel with which you capture your subjects. I found so many of the images on your site powerful and deeply moving. As someone who’d also put aside his passion for photography (recently reignited in part by the enthusiastic expression of Steve Huff), I thank you for your further inspiration of what a camera can do in the hands of someone who’s mastered it.

  4. Baru, I made a quick visit to your website, mainly because I found these three images nothing short of outstanding!! As far the three images here, the first one is a little dark on this monitor (it is not calibrated) but the subject matter, composition, & moods created by your work are amazing. As far as equipment, if you really want the Leica rangefinder by all means, go for it. BUT, realize it will not make your images any better. They are fantastic as they are. The great Henri Cartier-Bresson was quoted as saying a lot of things including “sharpness is a bourgeois concept”, “photography is nothing–it’s life that interests me” and “And no photographs taken with the aid of flash light, either, if only out of respect for the actual light – even when there isn’t any of it” among many others. Your images reflect HCB’s passion for the decisive moment. Sooner or later, the world will discover you. I am glad to be on the leading edge of that discovery.

    • Rich Owen said “Your images reflect HCB’s passion for the decisive moment.”

      Wow that’s something else! Thank you Rich!

  5. Thank you all very very much! I am deeply humbled. Thanks to Mr. Huff for giving me the chance to be feautured in his wonderful site.

  6. Baru,
    the work on your website is fantastic, there must be someone here who can ‘loan’ you an M6 and a 50 summilux? Makes be hark back to film, still havent got B+W conversions with the character of film. Great work Baru, John

  7. I loved the 3rd shot . . we captured the decisive moment . .

    The lighting reflections is really amazing . .

  8. Baru
    You have many wonderful photos on your site. The story which you tell fit the photo’s perfectly.
    You are an excellent photographer and hope that you continue to tell a story of your homeland.
    Just spectacular. Truly and inspiring!

  9. One more thing…I went to your website Baru. You have a collection of photographs there that is nothing short of spectacular. The three pictures you provided here are only a small taste of what you have. I was particularly moved by your documentary section…these are photos, themes, and subject matter that could easily rival those of leading photojournalists. Very, very inspiring – I would strongly encourage visitors to this forum to visit your website. Fantastic.

    • I absolutely agree with Jon Pop.. brilliant images!! I thought the “wooden soldiers” series was fantastic. Being primarily a film photographer myself I love how you are able to use the characteristics of film to bring out the character of your subjects — thanks a lot for posting

  10. Great shots Baru, and thanks for sharing these. Though they’re all good, I really like the second one a lot. Great sky in the background, quite dramatic, to enhance the subject. The third one has great atmosphere too and background…great title as well given what I think is going on! I’m glad you still like using film, your photos have a nice texture to them.

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