Nov 292012

Hey Steve

I am using my new MM for almost 2 months now, and my love for this camera is only growing. At first i had my doubts , no more colors, but as I kept shooting with the MM ( I anyway shot mostly B/W with my previous M9 ) I knew this was the right camera for me, a camera that makes me want to go and shoot. I hope you can show them!

Take care


  28 Responses to “Daily Inspiration #376 by Danny Bar”

  1. Nice work, Danny! You have the eye for something other than just a snapshot on the street!!!

  2. OPPPs I missed the most important part. SORRY

    Nice work Danny

  3. Steve, I picked up a MM a couple weeks ago and have been out on the streets almost every day. I’m an old film guy and darkroom rat and this camera is truly amazing. The clean high ISO performance makes it easy to use hyper focus and high shutter speeds that make it perfect for the street.

  4. very nice great images

  5. second photo is really it straight out of camera??
    last photo really a nice moment,the smile

  6. I really like the last one, it is the strongest image for me. The two contrasting lives, the man in the background, framed on his own standing on what appears to be a destroyed building versus the man inside talking carefree on his phone (at least apparently). Great photography.

  7. thank you for sharing with us Danny, i love the second shot !! which lens do you use ?

  8. What lenses were these shot with?



  9. Love the last one. Thanks for sharing

  10. these pictures are beautiful friend, I love the PP and the shots are very inspiring, I’m a fan of monochrome shots

  11. Clearly some people are getting the hang of the Monochrom! Really good images.

  12. Very nice !

  13. Love the second photo, but I’m still not sold on the MM. I intend to rent one at some point to try for myself.

  14. Great pic #2!
    Once I get past the main subject, it draws me in wanting to explore the rest of the scene.

  15. Very nice tones in different lighting conditions, would love to use the MM for a week or more!! It could be addicting!
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Thanks for sharing these Danny. I am very interested in seeing how others are using the MM and how they’re processing the images. I’m not sure if I could get by with just a B&W camera but I can see from your shots that it would take me long to forget color!!!

  17. Really love the tones in the 2nd pic!

  18. Nice shots! It’s definitely a fun camera to shoot with. The processing looks good also. I think you have overcome “too many grey’s” that I and others dealt with early on with our processing. Last, I really like the last pic.


  19. The second image has a strange light to it. Is it MM or have you given this image some special curve-treatment?

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