Daily Inspiration #270 by Aryan Jauregul

Hi Steve,

First I would like to say that I love your site , it gives me really good info on whats out there on the market,

The pictures that I took where made with my Fuji X100 , love it

All the pics where taken during a training flight with a chinook.

greetz and keep up the good work on your site

Arjan Jauregui


  1. Refreshing to see something different than the standard street shots. We don’t see pictures like these every day. Thanks for posting them

  2. Love the second shot, it reminds me of one of the portraits of the US Airborne guys on D-Day, all he needs is a mohawk and dirty face & it could be that shot.

    Congrats, you seem to have gelled with the X100

  3. I think the last shot is phenomenal. The light from the open tail really draws the eye at first, and the image of the soldier sitting with his back to the camera is very interesting. It’s only after a moment that the eye is drawn over to the circular window and the soldier looking out, and then to the rich textures lining the interior of the fuselage. Tons to see here, but the frame doesn’t feel cluttered.

    Really excellent work, Aryan.

  4. Excellent photojournalism and great use of the X100. These images have a certain level of drama which simply makes them compelling. You can feel the anxiety in the first two images. Great work.

  5. Great captures! I agree with one of the other comments, add a little noise and I think it will add just the right touch more!

    P.S. Not a complaint! They are excellent!

  6. Very good! You even managed (in one shot at least) the proverbial “keep your subject in the center for focusing” error, that we see here a lot.

    • Yeah, imagine how much better these images would be if he had a Leica. He would have totally been inspired to focus and recompose. Instead, he was probably lulled into complacency by that central autofocus point and forgot that he doesn’t have to let the camera do all his thinking for him. I can tell by your comment that you are a Leica man too Michiel!

      • You don’t need a Leica to focus and recompose. Besides, you do not have to follow rules in photography all the time. In pictures #1 and #2 keeping the subjects in the center made the “pictures”.

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