Fuji X100 firmware V 1.11 is now available!



Fuji released today the 1.11 firmware update for the X100 camera. I had this FW for a week or so already and do not notice much of a difference in regards to AF speed. To check what firmware you are running on your X100, turn on the power while holding down the “BACK” button. To do a quick update all you have to do is download it HERE, save it to your desktop, drag it to a formatted clean SD card, insert card into the camera and turn on while holding the “back” button. Then follow the on screen instructions.

Fixes include:

Improves AF performance in the macro range,
and fixes two bugs:

I) When “SHADW TONE” is set to “MEDIUM SOFT” or “SOFT”, solarisation may occur on the LCD just after pressing the shutter halfway.
II) With the self-timer activated, focus and exposure are set just after pressing the shutter release and these settings remain locked until the shutter is released






  1. Why don’t the camera manufacturers build a decent compact camera? Something like a rangefinder style, it must have manual and aperture and priority settings. All this at a reasonable price, and not a silly over inflated price. The cameras out at the moment are very poor indeed, with the exception of the fuji x100 this is a nice little camera, but very poor video. Also the price is crazy, it should be about £200 in price, there is no need to be asking £700 for it.

  2. I’m at this close to buying a X100. In fact, I figured I’d go whole hog and get the Black Edition when it gets here.

    But, I admit that the focusing issues have me a bit worried. I get the quirkiness and all (I have had Saab’s) and I love everything about the camera.

    Steve, would I be a fool to buy this camera thinking that a possible firmware update will eliminate the focus issue? It’s a leap of faith on my part but, I tend to think Fuji will indeed address this. I mean, surely they must be working on a new update that will improve this little jewel. If v1.1 improved the AF focusing then isn’t that reason to be hopeful? I’m sure others are thinking the same thing that I am about this.

    Appreciate the work you put into this site very much. It shows.

    • Yep, that’s exactly where I am. I’m looking (and drooling) at the black edition, but the manual focusing gets me really concerned. I’m not too concerned about autofocus really because I would end up using (wanting to use) manual focus almost all the time. If they can’t get it up to snuff, then it could be really frustrating

  3. Hi, I’ve just updated to latest firmware and noticed the second focus frame (to help with paralex) that was introduced with Firmawre 1.10 is no longer there, is this correct or am I missing something here??

  4. Upgraded to V1.11 firmware and Macro no longer works. Every time I try to focus on Macro mode, the camera will return the message “Turn Off the camera and turn on again”.

    Any ideas? Any help is appreciated.

    • silly me.. let me answer my own question.
      I put a 49mm screw-in type UV filter in front of the len; apparently, in macro mode, the len will protrude/retract to focus. When the len hits the surface of the filter, that error message appears. Thought just shared with all.

      Cheers and Happy photographing.

  5. I love my x100 but am an impoverished teacher and wish they would do some sort of zoom attachment as I can’t afford to have the x100 as a ‘second camera’ and can not always get close enough with the x100. Also, am having major problems with the new firmware: can’t download the transfer file and if I try to do the update file without it (I assume that’s the idea) it just says it doesn’t recognise it – any ideas? PLEASE!

  6. In my opinion, the firmware-upgrade v. 1.11 is nothing less than a HUGE improvement on the Fuji X100. I ran it yesterday and have been out shooting all day with this new firmware – and here is what I experienced:

    – The AF has improved overall – not only in the macro-area, as stated by Fuji. The AF in the “normal” focusing-area now works faster, smoother and with overall better precision. It “haunts” less for focusing and is able to find a focus point more often than before.

    – The overall performance of the software and user-interface seems faster, firmer and a lot less “sluggish” than before.
    It was something that I felt more and more during todays shooting – and all of a sudden it struk me what has changed: The camera does not freeze or luck up while writing to the memory card anymore.I normally prefor to shoot both jpg and raw – but gave it up some time ago with the X100 because the delay was just too long.
    Today I experienced that the camera was able to take another focus-point while writing the file – and if you halfway-press the shutter during the 1.5 or 3 seconds review-delay, it instantly snaps out of reviewing mode and takes focus. Now I can even take a new jpg+rawshot while the old one is being written to the card. Wouv ! 🙂

    It seems to me that this little gem is finally beginning to become all what I hoped it to be. The image quality is very good indeed – and with the new firmware it is now lot less frustrating as a working tool.

    And then is has one quality to beat all of the others: A famous photographer once said: “The best camera in the world – is the one you are holding in your hand when THE picture evolves right there in front of you.” To me, the Fuji X100 is just that – always in my hand. I carry it with me everywhere – to work, when I pick ud kids etc – and that fact alone qualifies it to the title “the world’s best camera” in my little world. And with the new firmware now even more so.

    By the way: Thanks Steve – for a great website. Very inspirational – and very usefull for a lost amateur like me 🙂

  7. Any one else experiencing focusing issues and Auto White balance issues with the new firmware update? I’m getting a lot of pictures where the focus and white balance are off.

  8. After updating with new firmware, all settings are gone and the image counter is reset to DSCF0001, that is extremely annoying.

    Another annoying thing is that the clock cannot be set to 24 hour format but uses AM/PM – not too smart when the 24 hour clock format is the most common format in the world.

    Other than that, the x100 is a lot better at focusing in macro mode in bad light.

    • Anders, regarding reset of image counter: I have just installed the fw update from a formatted sd card and afterwards put the other sd in with pictures on it. Fuji will continue numbering from the highest available. So if you have one sd card, copy the highest numbered picture that you have taken with your Fuji on the card, then insert into the camera and you are OK again.

  9. There is one bug that either affects only my X100 or is overlooked by everybody. When I try to use flash by pressing the wheel I get a message that I need to cancel silent mode. After doing that I can activate the flash with the wheel. Quite irritating….

  10. Hmm… Can I still update this firmware without updating the previous firmware. Does the newest contain all previous updates? Thanks

  11. New problem? I just updated firmware but now when I have the focus set on ‘AF-C’ the camera is doing strange noises as I move the camera. Anyone one else experiencing this? As I move with the camera it’s seems to be looking for a focal point & it’s quite loud. Doesn’t happen on MF or AF-S.

    • Sounds normal to me… AF-C = “Auto Focus – Continuous”; this means that as you move the camera it will continuously try to refocus.

  12. I think I might just pass on this firmware update. I will till a more major update is available.

  13. With the firmware V1.11
    Now my EVF/LCD can focus as close as 25cm without switching to macro mode.
    and more faster, reliable .

    • It would be nice is this was also possible when using the optical viewfinder. The camera can then switch to macro automatically and activate the EVF/LCD.

      • I will not switch to macro mode when I can focus with EVF.
        Because the macro’s AF speed is slower.
        That’s why this update is beneficial to me.

  14. Steve,
    I’m a bit of a loss over how to do the firmware update. The FinePix CD shipped with the X100 is very outdated software only for PowerPC Mac, not the new Intel Macs that have been out about five years. Got any guidance on how to handle the update from an iMac to the X100?

    • Hi David,

      Best option is to avoid updating with the software and simply drag the “firmware.dat” file on to a clear formatted SD card and turn on the x100. As it’s loaded hold down the DISP/BACK button and follow the prompts to install the firmware – make sure you use a full battery and do not touch the camera while it’s doing it’s thing.

      Piece of cake!


  15. Any improvement with the firmware updated! I am still debating to get the X100, test it on a local camera show. Did a test drive of Nikon V1, J1, Sony NEX7, Olympus EP3 and Fuji’s little brother X10 … but can’t decided!

    • Paul, how was the X10? I’ve been looking at the same line-up as you but thought the X10 might just work and keep things small and less expensive.

      • X10 feel solid just like the big brother and I like the pure black finish! With the bright clear viewfinder but it is just a viewfinder without any data information and use only at wide angle. The manual is one the most easy to use compare to the other cameras I tested. The screen is bright and clear to view but I can only test indoor.

        Fuji put up some 18×24 output prints side by side compare with X100, I am not a pro can’t really tell the different. The B&W pictures look stunning!

        • I just recently stumbled upon a preproduction model of the x10 in my local camera store. The camera has a very nice build quality, but I think the sensor is still to small for me, It is just another compact camera I feel. Was very hard to isolate objects with the huge DOF. The viewfinder was rather disappointing as well, better than the G12, but I could not see what was in focus so when I used it instead of the screen, my pictures became all blurry. Not anything like the x100, with its awesome OVF. Slow focus it seems. This was a pre production sample though. The optics seemed really good from what I could see from the cameras screen. And the on/off function on the lens worked flawlessly. But I think it is a tad too expensive for what it is, so I am obviously not in the target group for this camera (as I am a student :).

        • Hey Paul,

          Did you attend the Henry’s Exposure Show?

          Tried all the cameras you mentioned and the Sony NEX 7 is the camera that impressed me physically (not the lens though, Zeiss too big for the body). Hope the images are as good as the body!!!

          Steve keep up the great work. Unfortunately had to sell my M8. My eyes can’t manually focus anymore, but kept my M lens. Hope to put them on the NEX 7 with the peaking focus option.

      • Although good camera but it’s not very ‘portable’. I love 35mm f/1.8, it was literally welded to my DSLR. I was thinking to replace my ageing D40 with D7000 but bought X100 instead, it’s mall, discrete and is always with me everywhere I go. Haven’t touched my DSLR since I purchased X100.

        • Hi hexx, again, take a D300s with the 35 f1.8. It’s an excellent upgrade from the D40, which was the only DSLR in Nikon’s entry level range with brilliant image quality and a reliable metering system. The metering systems of, say, the D5100, and especially the one of the D7000 are BAD, BAD, BAD. The D300s’ metering system is professional and excellent.

          • Hi JR, I bought Fuji X100. I found myself (esp. on holidays) taking photos with my phone because I couldn’t be asked to carry DSLR with me everywhere. That’s why I decided for Fuji. I’ll see how it goes, maybe I’ll buy in the future used D700 (wouldn’t go for cropped sensor again if I’d buy a DSLR)

          • Hi hexx, I’m replying to myself in order to reply to you, as there’s no further reply button in your reply.
            Absolutely, the larger D700 is of course two steps better in terms of image quality. Apart from the more mobile D300s, I can HIGHLY recommend the D700. It’s a classic in the world of digital photography.
            As for the X100, I hope you’ll like it, as it was probably expensive (even more expensive than a used D300s).
            Generally, I don’t understand why people are always looking for “pocketable” cameras. My camera needn’t be pocketable, as it hangs over my shoulder, it is there to be used! To carry a camera in the pocket means that it is not intended for use. So, in this case, one needn’t a camera at all, independent of its pocketability.

    • I’m in the same boat. I’m deciding between the Nex7, and the EP3. I’m really leaning Nex7, but the latest delay (though not their fault, and terrible for Thailand) is really annoying. I had an x100 but returned it, since I absolutely hated the way it focused. Also it was a bit too wide for my taste.

    • Fuji says they’ve fixed close distance AF – haven’t tried, I use MF all the time. Mine feels a bit snappier, not sure how’s that possible but writing to card seems a bit faster and also operations seems a bit quicker too. I haven’t found any other differences yet.

  16. strange, I updated and now I can’t see histogram. It’s set in the menu to be shown but it’s not. not sure what to do

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