Daily Inspiration #278 by Pablo Abad

Daily Inspiration #278 By Pablo Abad

First of all, congrats for your site.
In my opinion, it’s the best combination of Photo-Tech and passion for photography i’ve found here.
The others are either too focused in tech issues and not taking real pictures or too focused in themselves (I won’t give names…).

Here’s my little contribution to your site.

This one has a moving history. I was in Equatorial Guinea, working for a NGO,
and they took us to a dining hall for undernourished children.
This child, Agustin, didn’t talk or react to anything, he was just crying all the time.
We took a piece of paper and a pen and draw something on it, an animal, I think.
He was surprised, I’m almost sure this was his first contact with drawing or writing ever.
We gave him the paper and the pen and he begun throwing lines over it.
Some minutes later he smiled at me and took my hand.
I didn’t cry because there were too many people looking, but I almost did.

This was taken with a Nikon FM + Nikkor 50mm f1.4

Thank you.
BTW, it’s your fault that I’m saving money to buy an M9…

Pablo Abad
Madrid, Spain

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  1. Wow! Thank you all for your comments, you should see my smile right now, I’m totally moved.
    It is really my favorite photo ever (among mine, of course). I have to confess I use a digital one, a Nikon D7000, but keep on using film sometimes, mostly T-Max 100 & 400 in my trusty FM, although I’ve just bought Rollei ATP to play with.
    I’ve also had Rolleiflex, Hasselblad, Bronica, Leica R… But a Leica M is something I’ve always wanted, and reading Steve’s articles, the will to have one is back (maybe I should go for an M6, the one I’ve always looked at…) 🙂

  2. Bravo Pablo – you have captured the soul and tenderness of this little boy… I agree with one the earlier comments, and an M9 does not matter, so do not sweat it, keep on shooting…Thanks Steve…and Pablo

  3. Its gr8 to see there are still people using film & taking the trouble to do so. Nothing beats film.

  4. Hi pablo,
    thanx for sharing, you have a great eye and loads of magic in your photos, that i’m too afraid will be partially gone if you will use the digital cameras,
    i’ve recently gone back to film and loving it, i recommend to invest in modern film like portra 160&400,
    p,s. what film do u generally use?
    keep it up! dont change a thing..

  5. Beautiful picture and story. Save your money. Your pictures are wonderful with a film camera, and you don’t need an M9 to make them better.

  6. Wonderful picture and story! It just proves that you have the eye and the heart, no matter what tools you are using.

  7. Truly inspirational experience and photo, I’m sure you’ll enjoy whatever camera you choose.

  8. Gottta agree with everyone else, Pablo. Great image and I don’t believe you could do any better with an M9. You have a classic camera with a great piece of glass but if you want an M9 by all means get it. Just don’t expect to improve much on this. Great tonal range from the film and a nice sharp image from the 50mm. This is a classic image, IMO!!!

  9. That’s a very powerful portrait and the story behind it is so inspiring. Obviously, you’ve got great heart and your photography speaks of it immensely…thanks for sharing!

  10. One of the best picture in here.

    Trust me and save your money.
    Beginning of the year 2012 is very interesting for Leica fans..

  11. Je suis émue aussi par cette belle histoire vécue, et par ce merveilleux cliché très réussi!

  12. That is really a wonderful picture and I’m telling you, you don’t need an M9 – that won’t get you any better results than this. Wow.

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