Daily Inspiration #285 by Wassim Diab

Hello Steve, it’s been a while I’ve been following your website. Thanks to your review I took one of my best decisions regarding photography equipment: getting myself a Fuji X100. I highly enjoy your enthusiasm for photography and the versatility of your topics. I’m submitting these photos -all taken with the X100- from a recent trip I made to my homeland, or ex-homeland to be correct: Lebanon. The X100 was simply awesome, I was able to carry it everywhere almost un-noticed. I used to carry my Nikon D300s with a couple of lenses with me everywhere but the weight became a serious limiting factor for me with serious back issues I chronically suffer from. I wanted a small camera without giving up on the image qulaity. I can safely say I don’t miss my zoom lenses (especially the 18-200 mm) 90% of the times, I can live with the other 10% of cases. I use photoshop for postprocessing. I hope you’ll accept this submission.

a couple of links to my photos:


Wassim Diab


  1. Great shots! I like the details in the two last images. Perhaps the second shot could have had the kids facing the camera?

    In second shot the post processing bothers me a bit. It seems you have “recovered” the bright end of the histogram and ended up loosing the natural contrast of the scene. It looks, well, post-processed. In the third shot the treatment works better since there are more darks present in the image.

  2. Great images Wassim, my favourite is the one you just posted in your reply! I too invested in the X100 for my street work in May and find it just perfect, with great image quality, produces superb large prints!

  3. I agree with Wassim,
    X100 is awesome. It make my life easier. I spend all of the time to shoot and not to chose the appropriate lenses, take care about it(rear cap, front cap), fighting with dust want to come inside the camera etc.Not more than one BEAUTIFUL fixed lens of 35mm.
    Some people think that 35mm is a limitation. Maybe yes but that depends. In reality, using it, i have learned that it is for me the right focal lenght for all day use. In reality i’m used to carry also a compact (nikon s9100). Pocketable and near 220 gr. with 450mm equivalent lens :-0 for the rare situation that i need to zoom and take something so far; but for this kind of shot i don’t need the best quality (than my Nikon is okay).
    With 35mm X100 i discovered that i can get also great portrait from picture: i like to take always some of the context but in PP i can take a crop portrait with the correct nĀ° of pixel to print in my favourite size(15×23). I always shot one picture but sometimes i take 2…..
    In conclusion i can confirm that X100 was a great discovery for my needs.

  4. All truly wonderful photographs, however, the “children in the alley” image looks like a frame clipped right out of an Orson Wells film, really stunning!

  5. Great stuff! Second photo is crazy sharp. great dimensionality. First image has beautiful movement…and I love how you’ve captured probably a better picture than the guys on the left!

  6. Cool Stuff.

    Your website images rock – I particularly liked the NY stuff – it truly captures the life and movement down on the streets of the city, which, together with some of it’s iconic landmarks, show the contrasts that sum up (for me at least) the Big Apple.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great shots!

    I would love to see the first one with the left side cropped along the tree trunk between the other photographers and the couple.

  8. Sweet! I love the images…I would like to know how you ended up with the effect you have (I guess the sky) on the image with the kids in the narrow walkway pushing the bike? It looks awesome, as do all of the pics! Thanks for sharing.

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