Daily Inspiration #288 by Fabiano Sangiorgi

Hi Steve

I’m an italian reader of your reviews and with your “help” I bought a Fuji X100 (and a Leica M8, but I have sold it… For money… And a dream: M9)

But the leading actor of my three photo are not Fuji or Leica: my Polaroid SX70 Sonar edition!

With the complicity of Wien, beautiful city a full of life and art, I take some snapshots with the help of PX70 Color shade.

I try to scan but the result is not the best… I hope that the atmosphere has remained intact.

Art, metro and street.






  1. I find it fascinating how, everything thats old becomes new again. Digital photography has neared perfection and technology has given us cameras capable of creating high resolution crystal clear, razor sharp, true to life imagery.

    So, we-as-humans create app’s (or find old cameras) that dummy down our photos … blow out the lighting, distort the white balance and add chromatic aberrations – and the fashionistas rejoice!

    I guess that’s the beauty of self expression. I personally don’t get it, but keep on shooting Fabiano!

  2. Great shots! I have been having issues getting good photos with the PX70 Color Shade so I am envious of everyone that gets good results. My SX70 is in great working condition and I get wonderful results shooting the monochrome black frame but the PX70 Color Shade just turns out either very orange or very dark…pity. Thank you for sharing and I’m glad to see some film shots and even more, Polaroid shots here on this blog!! Each medium and camera gives a wonderful unique stamp to the image and it’s a delight to see it interpreted through other photographer’s eyes!

  3. I don’t know why but there’s always something special about a Polaroid image. Might be time to try to hunt a vintage SX70 or foldable “land” camera. Thanks for sharing !

  4. [img]http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6157/6159538437_977b6e576f_o.jpg[/img]

    Well done Fabiano!

    Have been playing with my recently acquired SX70 as well.

    The current Impossible films are expensive, but I’m finding that it forces me to think more about the images I’m making, so I’m enjoying it!



  5. Hi Fabiano,
    I still have an SX70, and used different models during the seventies. I totally understand the problems you faced to produce those marvelous pictures. People have become so used to the repeated precision of modern electronic cameras – they can’t believe what a lottery using a Polaroid camera could be – or politely, as mentioned above, each picture is totally unique and never predictable!
    Well done,

  6. The vignetting is too much Poladroid and the colors too!
    That said i like the #2 image, square crop cameras make me look for this kind of images of dividing around the center on all axis.

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    I try to scan my polaroids but the result is poor… Then to transmit the feel and the atmosphere I work with Photoshop: may I have exceeded…

  8. Nice DI. I especially like no 3, great capture!

    It’s strange that when I see vintage Polaroid, it doesn’t look retro to me anymore, it looks uber contemporary because all of those endless apps have emulated it so precisely.

    • I know exactly what you mean, but not sure ‘precisely’ is the correct phrase. Polaroid – like all film types – has a ‘look’, but each result is always a unique blend of organic material and chemical reaction.

      Apps may be able to generate a generic ‘instant’ look, even use random algorithms in recreating a film type, but only film truly generates an individual picture.

      Whether real film or digitally created – just love the look of ‘instant film’ photography – always a bit surreal compared to a ‘normal’ film image! Must dig out my old Instax 100 – look cool hanging next to my X100 ….

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