Daily Inspiration #296 by Daniel Schaefer

Daniel Schaefer – Age 18

New York, New York


Hello Steve

This series is about falling in love with film

As a photographer, I got my start on an old Nikon Fm2 shooting nothing but Tri-X 400 beautiful black and white. Out of practicality and affordability, I eventually switched over to, and shot nothing but digital for about two years. This year I started as a freshman in the Parsons photography program in new york city and a few weeks into school was given the choice to shoot my assignment in film rather than digital, of course, I jumped on the opportunity, and sacrificed a full day of meals in order to afford three rolls of Provia 400 Slide film. As I said earlier, I fell in love, the warmth and and detail that the fuji offered was worlds away from the clinical edge of a digital sensor, and the feeling of holding the single tiny frame brought a tingle into my fingers and a giddiness akin to that of a child on christmas morning.

The Images I have chosen to sent you are a few in a series I am currently working on about sunrise in New York city, and the people who live and work before and after the the city is soaked in sunshine.

All were shot on Fuji Provia 400X film using a Nikon N90s and a 55mm 2.8 Micronikkor or 24mm 2.8 AF-D Nikkor

Thank you for allotting me a moment of your time and attention


Daniel Sawyer Schaefer


  1. Me and my old Leica R8 (yeah, yeah I know- the Neanderthal camera ) thank you for helping keep film alive. Both systems have their place.

  2. Great shots, a great inspiration. I loved the FM2 that body was one of my mainstays for years. I’ll never forget the sound of the FM2 backdoor slapping shut over a fresh roll of Kodachrome, priceless.

  3. You’ve got it. Very nice indeed! You using that lil’ ol’ body I passed on to you?

    And yeah, nailing that umbrella worked. See ya!

  4. I like your images! Though I shoot digital at work, I recently purchased some gently-used Nikon film cameras for shooting during my own time. I am now thinking that my first eventual rangefinder camera purchase will likely be a film camera, too. When art, rather than work-flow, is the goal, film is good!

    For those of us who wish to use M-mount lenses on a rangefinder, Leica not the only film option for a camera body; there is the option of the Zeiss Ikon, available new.

  5. I’ll second that everyone check out Daniel’s website. I had no idea that you’re Bear Flag native – great stuff. Represent, and never forget La Ciudad.

    @Francis, I keep checking out prices on Ebay or KEH and can never bring myself to bid on a Leica knowing that I still need a lens and CLA the thing. I often have lustful thoughts over an M2 or M6 though, maybe one day.

  6. @GIL lol..no I used to own an m8.2 which I sold to buy a house…yup you read well..but I kept mu cron 35 and my ZM 21 as well as CV 1.1 50mm . I shoot them with the NEX5 but would prefer the NEX7. Now, why not an old M6 or m7 as those can be bought for the price of a NEX7….I kind of like those shots from Daniel…

    • I second that emotion… Why can’t we have an FM2n sized ff dslr (there can’t be a valid reason… 🙂 )? Maybe we should all ask Nikon to make us one.

      For some reason you never see people wax lyrical over the Canon A-1. Similar size to the FM, FE, FA and FM3a, but not similar qualities?

    • I am a huge fan of the Pentax MX. Smaller than any slr I have ever seen and great lenses. Pentax’s marketing obviously didn’t keep up with Nikon and Canon and it’s a shame. My MX that I bought used in the early 80’s is still in great shape and has seen decades of use.

  7. Wow, that 3rd one is just the right moment. Every trafic light is red, the car lights are red and the umbrella is red, what a great eye you have to see all of that comming and making the photo.

  8. Beautiful stuff Daniel. That slide film is gorgeous, I know the latitude is less than on neg so I always seem to shoot in bright light situations (I live in California). I usually shoot Portra 400 or Neopan for everything, so next time it’s overcast or in low light conditions I’m going to shoot some slide film.

    Film is good for the photographic soul.

    @Francis, do you really need two Leica cameras? Pass on the love to the Leicaless. 😉

  9. Nice shots!!! Real RAW, FF, self cleaning sensor…maybe I should stick an old M6 or M7 behind my leica lenses rather than a NEX7
    Thanks for sharing

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